Sunday, 30 October 2016

The new moon, phase 2 begins.

According to this guy, the market next week will signal what the election result is going to be.

This is an interesting idea.

If, as I said in a recent post, the EU/ Globalist takeover is a re- hashing of the Nazi takeover, then it stands to reason that the response to that is similar. Britain started this off on an intellectual level. As though, in principle, a politician fought off the naysayers (shut up) and said, 'these people (globalists) are dangerous, we recognise them as such, and declare war.' Phase 1.

The Americans arrive as a bunch of good natured commandos... 'Boys lets light em up'. Phase 2 Trump election; and others, beginning perhaps with the Italians also vote out and other things, is some other groups saying 'and you have allies'; Phase 3.

The deaths of those opposing Clinton, the information from Corey on Henry Kissinger and the whole things makes it seem very genuinely like Clinton is the dark side, Trump only ever seems to do good things. A warm hearted man:

Look at their actions and not their words... I believe is a Jesus quote.

The Trump election is strategically in this 'war' very important, because unlike the Brexit vote, Trump will be in the White House everyday effecting reality. We have seen a globalist process against Brexit and we still have a globalist leader in England, either that or someone so weak it hardly matters. 

Although the Brexit vote was crucial in the social media war, in the war of emotions and words of the political pundits and mainstream media. In terms of practical on the ground realities a Trump victory is more important. Of course, had the Brexit vote gone the other way the EU would now be a force of real intimidation and more powerful, perhaps itself being able to block the Presidential vote or minimise the importance and power of America. Because it would have conferred legitimacy on the globalist agenda.

The outcome of this vote and the aftermath of the likely Trump election will be the end of the world as we know it and the beginning of something quite different. Free will decided in Britain we reject the globalists, now things have fallen back to normality slightly, the negative has regained polarity to a small extent and again, another nation and expression of humanity is going to reject them as well.

We have never seen a major Western power have a non globalist leader. Germany, France, the UK, America, Japan, and many others have always followed the globalist agenda, although they have aspects of the military and government that do not. Trump being in the White House, thought to be the most powerful office in the world. A non globalist. The world will begin to shift in all sorts of ways. Subtle and not so subtle. That are beyond our imagination at this time!

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