Friday, 7 October 2016

Darkest before the dawn?

I think this is because I've been fighting down a bug lately. But it really seems to me that things have gotten pretty dark.

Finance is weird, emergency services are underfunded and the economy is experiencing a double whammy. Huge numbers of unemployed, not recorded as such, and underpay and understaffing at various companies.

I do not know anyone that is thriving. Granted some people are not effected negatively.

I wonder how long this onslaught can go on. Debt gets worse, and in a system like this people do not get better they get worse. They lose money, they get stressed, health deteriorates, friendships disintegrate, workplaces deteriorate. We are very far off seeing the positive effects of Brexit, since the government is not rushing to get on with it apparently. (Although Soros shorting the pound suggests they have the right enemies.)

Deutsche bank may be interesting as well.

The next big thing is the US election. Also, we have Italian referendum. Many of the apparently important events have come to nothing. Hungary's referendum on migrant quotas came to nothing, there has been no outcry or effect from that. The Yuan becoming part of the Standard Drawing Rights has come to... You guessed it... Nothing! I can imagine Trump getting elected and some neoliberal movement meaning that he is stopped from doing much and it all starts to sound like the same old story. Same with Italian referendum although that one is less likely to come to nothing, the Euro is big news.

It's all very depressing. Apart from the two votes I have outlined. The market will continue to rally no matter what.

I did find this interesting recently though. from someone on GAB, the positive forces do have power over the earth:

Flat out Constitution: Did God Protect George Washington?

Also, Infowars has information on Russian American movement towards war. This is all very serious. The US has officially accused the Russians of hacking now.

The mainstream is not doing its job by not reporting on that area.

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