Sunday, 23 October 2016

More on feminism.

I am starting to feel a feel that is almost identical as to that I felt before the Brexit election. I remember talking to some people online, former friends, who just believed the election would go a certain way, that we would stay in the EU even though the evidence for that was sketchy.

I have written about this before, after the election I was suddenly more of a real threat so they started talking down to me and arguing. In fact, I would describe it more like having temper tantrums.

Same is true now, the anti Trumpers think they have it in the bag. It has also made me think of feminism more.

When I messaged the woman from that forum, and when I got in arguments before with them, the conversation would go in a very basic way.
  • They would say something ridiculous, unproven and accusatory, 
  • I would ask politely for a source or why they thought that, perhaps adding some of my perspective, always being jokey and pleasant.
  • They would start throwing insults and throw a few sources or insults.
  • I would disprove those. Effortlessly and quite completely.
  • They would accuse me of hate speech.
That that would actually work is ridiculous. This is what happens in feminist society, if feminists get their fragile little egos challenged they make accusations of having been persecuted or raped. 

It continued thusly:
  • The 'moderators' would tell me to stop it without being specific. Being very unspecific.
  • I would respond basically, not thoroughly.
  • They throw insults.
  • I mentioned those insults on the forum.
  • I get told I am doing hate speech.
  • To which I respond, the only hate speech in that post was the bit I quoted from you.
  • I am banned from the forum.

This goes against free will clearly, so it will inevitably lose. Love obviously respects free will less than wisdom that is the principle that is being perverted here.

There is this incredibly arrogance. That the moderator should be able to say something without any justification and have that be the law. The moderator is there to moderate which is a 'professional' duty. If I quote her it is not within the job description to accuse me of hate speech and ban me from the forum for a personal insult (as it wasn't her place to be insulting in the first place). She is using the position of power to back up her own personal preferences. Even before this time she wanted me to be quiet for expressing factual anti Hillary pro Trump views.

I always felt when I went on the forum before that there was a cold eye behind this astrology forum. A malice. I remembered being deleted before on a very personal post and being angry, no answer from the moderators or justifications. I left the forum after that one. Others on the forum also thought it was unfair and no doubt feel that now!

... and where I think this comes from, is loads of women all over the world who engage in a hatred of men that are never challenged because the society is not healthy enough. Imagine how many little nasty ways this has manifested in the world. These women advise other people sometimes... How many times have they told friends their boyfriends or husbands are useless because this is what they feel about men? How much astrology has been twisted for these peoples agenda?

When Trump wins:

Imagine the well spring of hate that is going to be pushed down on November 9th! Your hateful views are irrelevant!

Very often women seem to not understand that if they do nasty things to men the men will respond in a less than idyllic way. Not a negative way. It's just that you can't expect to be nasty to someone and get a nice response back, unless of course you are service to self and the response you get back is "fear". (Which these women are playing with).

... and they think they have the upper hand here. The feminist automatic hatred of men has been triggered with the accusations against Donald Trump. No jury or law, just what they would prefer to believe.

Because they feel it their emotion tells them other people do to. But feminists are not the majority. They can't gather that other people see things differently to them. Not just working class men, for instance, but even married middle class women that don't have a hatred towards men (the emotion for these feminists of being in a loving romantic relationship with a man is something they subconsciously cannot imagine feeling).

It is also interesting to wonder how widespread this is. If it is in media organisations, in schools, in government. Perhaps it will be in so many places that the ideological defeat of feminism will start to make a definite change in society.

Should be interesting!

If Hillary wins America might have a military coup anyway. That is unlikely though, Trump will win.

Even though the odds on Paddy Power are 9/2. Invest £100 get £550 back!

Quick note on Global politics:

I'm wonder if the Chinese will remain irrelevant because since they have no democracy and hence no expression of the law of Free Will in their country they cannot polarise.

In fact, I am going with that.

Also read this weird article that old people in China keep going missing. It is not a nice government.

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