Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Less than 20 days now.

My election countdown has 19 days, 23 hours.

The endless scandal is continuing out of American politics. Including Democrat employed personnel hiring people to protest at Trump rallies and trying to get them to provoke Trumpers.

... and other little tidbits of scandal:

Zerohedge: Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

Zerohedge: "Rigging Elections For 50 Years" - Massive Voter Fraud Exposed By Project Veritas Part 2

Also, Deutsche bank getting done in for Silver manipulation... Good stuff!

But, the really important event is the Trump election, and he's putting forward some major stuff:

Zerohedge: Trump Will Bring Obama's Half-Brother As His Guest To Tomorrow's Debate; Proposes Term Limits

Still no confirmed news on Assange though.


The piece of news I talked about yesterday, with the interview with the sex slave, I posted that on facebook and was ashamed of my facebook friends for not addressing it. 

So I deactivated my facebook.

I realise, that Gab has changed the game. I would not have had the ability to close down my facebook before because I needed the connection however small, that it gave me. Twitter doesn't give a real connection because there's too much defensiveness and arguing.

But with Gab there I can get that connection, I can go on there and completely forget about facebook, that need for connection is satisfied.

It is a small change but an important one since the people on my facebook have no other means of getting that information unless they look for it themselves. So this causes a small bit of karma. They ignored what I had to say and now I am gone!

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