Friday, 2 September 2016

Youtube thing. September 11th.

I'll start off with September 11th.

I am not really a professional enough astrologer to say with any accuracy what is going to happen in the future. However, I am looking at the astrology for September 11th this year, the first year since the 2001 terrorist attack that Eid Mubarak corresponds with September 11th.

Obviously there is concern in this modern political climate of a terrorist attack. To me the planets look aligned that if someone wants to make that happen from their own free will it likely would. The moon is close to Pluto... Which is this hidden 'cabal' like area, which could be in this case Manchurian candidate stuff. In common with Nice and Orlando, Mars is strongly aspected.

But that is neither here nor there. The moon conjuncts Pluto roughly every 28 days. Mars is likely strongly aspected more often than it is not.

Mercury opposing Chiron there is likely to be frustration over the lies of the media. That is very common with Chiron I have observed. Mercury is also about communication etc.

Youtube drama

This has annoyed me. I would probably have let this go I do not want to follow it up but I've seen two videos from the mainstream liberal side of this argument here and here.

Although they are both equally uninformed in my opinion, and I will back that up with information in a second. They are both infuriating in arrogantly stating their perceived truth as though it was 'the' truth. While the libertarian media does the honour of actually researching the subject:

I will focus on the second video, the first one made a less emotionally charged and equally accusatory but less condescending case.

First off:

The people getting censored are not all getting censored because they are dropping the... f- bomb as this lady put it. Computing forever very rarely uses that word and has an adult audience anyway. He mostly only uses it in terms like 'for fucks sake'. One of the three videos that was defunded was one called '4 reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton'.
Youtubes advertisers already had the power to pull their videos if they disagree with the content creator that strongly. It appears they were not asked about this. Youtube is simply pulling advertising based on its own preference.

Youtube is setting up a system whereby if you blog on (in my opinion) the biggest waste of time that is possible; computer games, or something that does not influence political opinion such as the specificities of early child rearing. You are allowed to go right ahead. If you talk and swear in all the same ways as the Libertarian right and support Hillary you are fine to go ahead. Cue Young Turks and their Netflix advert (disincentive to Netflix?) . However, if you set up a video something like '4 reasons not to vote for Hillary Clinton'. Your ads will be pulled.

Which is political oppression and perhaps violates anti trust laws (who the fuck knows what anti trust laws are lol).

Many of the sources I listen to are not funded by adverts unless in the case of Alex Jones the organisations own products are advertised. Stefan Molyneux, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and Sye Ten Atheist don't have any adverts. It is not clear where Sye gets his money I have only heard him ask for donations once.

This pushback is well explained by Mike Cernovich. He explains that the media used to hold control over all the leavers of power, including deciding the next President. If you wanted to print a story you had to have a sympathetic friend in the media, if you didn't have one then that would be the end of your story.

Since the rise of a new mode of interacting with people, where people like Cernovich have higher audiences than the mainstream media, and by advertising on social media can get a lot more attention than the mainstream that only has a 6% trust rating. Their empire and the stranglehold they had over the word is dying.

Another thing Mike noticed was that Twitter was autocompleting from #YoutubeisOverParty to #youtubeisnotoverparty... What? With facebook and Google implicated in politically based censorship this is not looking good. When new platforms arrive these companies are going to get BURNED!

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