Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Things are getting 'interesting' again.

... and by that I mostly mean... The stock market is getting interesting again.

Economic collapse blog: The One Trillion Dollar Consumer Auto Loan Bubble Is Beginning To Burst

Also, other interesting ideas and details are as follows:
  • The end of September is the end of the 'fiscal year' (Not end of March then?)
  • The drug industry is taking multiple hits, stopping the cabal from keeping themselves going through that.
  • China is going to become a reserve currency second of October.
  • Many countries are still dumping treasuries.
  • Even Gregory Mannarino's evolution system keeps showing a dump in Dollar.
  • Is this why the Federal Reserve may try to hike rates? To make US treasuries more attractive?
I cannot think of a more politically exciting time to be alive! With the exception of the future potentially of course.

I have also been re- reading this Benjamin Fulford post to great interest. Had Benjamin been using a donation based blog this one post would have been worth more than the entire month he charges for, it is simply fantastic:

Kauilapele: FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford: Economic and demographic data make it clear it is game over for the Khazarian mafia
What this means is that the G7 countries have been on a degenerate path for the last 40 years. The cause of this degeneracy can be traced back to the Nixon shock of 1972 when President Richard Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard. Until 1972 the developed countries were experiencing strong economic growth under the gold standard. However, after Nixon dropped the gold standard, the G7 countries just started printing money out of thin air and using it to buy stuff from the rest of the world. This is the financial equivalent of using amphetamines. You get a huge immediate burst of energy but you are destroying your body in the process. The G7 reliance of fiat money turned them into huge parasites on the rest of the world.
You get an immediate burst of energy but...

I wonder if this is what happens with service to self behaviours in general.

If you think about government power in markets. You get an immediate burst of energy from interfering in the markets, but you have basically screwed the balance of that free market.

Is this the principle of all service to self actions?


The inevitable end point of this is having a lot of enemies! That, on this service to others plane, become more powerful than you.

This perhaps is what happens with something like feminism. The generation of women that is now older, becomes nasty towards men who carry on treating them like angels because habits are hard to break. The new generation is more reluctant and the new generation of girls lacks the teaching from their mothers of how to dress up their biological tendencies in the garb of being sweet and feminine.

Whereas, if you think about womens biology, they often want something out of men. If they are not given it they might become provocative (SJW?) I recently heard that men who have sex have heart attacks more often and women that have sex have heart attacks less often. Perhaps the deep secret is that even though sex is put forward as something the man gets more out of, the woman in fact does get something out of it and the man is actually giving something in sex?

Of course, back to geo politics. I wonder if things are effected by the space war side of things. It seems likely. Perhaps it is only when things happen there that things will change here. (David Wilcock update soon?) I notice his last update I saw on facebook, talked about, as per my satire of him on here. He said as he does every single update he seems to have had... That he is on a 'well deserved break'!

Head not really in the game?

This is a post I put on Disqus recently:
I live close to Brighton. Endless reams of extremely attractive women barely dressed. Times really have changed even since I was young- er. Young girls are extremely openly flirtateous and there is more of an attempt to initiate. The reason being is men are on the whole stressed, broke or effeminate and women do not get approached much.I feel bad for them sometimes. But it doesn't change the fact I ignore them because I have other things to do, and I lack the 'emotional labour' of smiling at them.
Rise of feminism hasn't helped. I've heard vicious things young girls are up to in secondary school. They don't know how to square female instincts with female behaviour... That should be taught but is not anymore.
At the moment young men split cleanly into three groups. Those who are willing to work for sex who are somewhat neurotic and politically correct in order to stay in favour with their girls. Men who keep their girlfriends at arms distance and maintain some sort of individuality and those, a very large group, for whom the entire female realm does not hold any sway and have formed male subgroups.

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