Friday, 9 September 2016

Personal and keeping the faith.

Keeping the faith that something is going to change.

Stocks plunged today, because of the ECB's reticience yesterday and the resulting bond carnage. Dow was down -394 which is a lot in the unmoving market at the moment. A plunge and change in society is mathematically destined to happen.

Also, Zerohedge has just come out with a post that basically says that Benjamin Fulford is right, Germany are looking very carefully at tactics for the case of a terrorist attack on their soil.

It is not easy. Especially when there is little reward for believing in the 'truth', as the evidence points to it.

A few hours ago I masturbated again. I consider it fundamental not to do this, and since I have taught on here that it should not be done it would be extreme hypocrisy for me to not mention this.

It comes as I learn a truth, no porn, not ever, at least, not so long as their is not a girlfriend around to get ideas from rather than just something to stimulate.

Also, in general, looking after the body, that includes timing of insulin for me personally, where I can do it properly.

Personal synchronicities have put this as a very important point.

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