Thursday, 1 September 2016

Something interesting has turned up:

Here is an article in which Zerohedge was probably in the front line of reporting:

Deutsche Bank is point blank refusing to deliver physical gold, possibly to anyone who has left it with them.

It reminds me of this article here, which linked to my lightning strike hypothesis and I will explain how they link:

On The Trail Of Dubai's Stolen Gold: A Robbed Client Breaks The Silence, And A Fascinating Detail Emerges

This is also a comment I left on Benjamin Fulfords site with a blog specific comment left out for sense: 
Trudeau offered his wisdom the other week that poverty is ’sexist’. 
I have questions, I know that’s not how this blog works, but I will ask them anyway:
Why is China seemingly immune to the vulnerabilities of the boom and bust cycle? They still have a fiat money system… What makes us assume that China’s form of market rigging is any different from the US’s market rigging? And that societal factors such as social unrest will not impact this government? 
Will any takedown of the Khazarian mafia effect countries outside Germany? Surely England, that seems to have this ongoing problem with paedophilia on a mass criminal scale, is going to have these same problems as well? France? Italy?
Here is another one that adds to this general sense that the chaos we are seeing goes deeper than we might generally assume if we were to relax:

Zerohedge: Supply-Chain Contagion Arrives - "Global Trade" Roiled, Cargo-Owners Panic In Wake Of Hanjin Bankruptcy
This is on top of plunging house prices in certain states in America.

To nit this together. In my original lightning strike hypothesis it worked around several lightning strikes that had accurately precognitively signalled major world changing events. The Dubai one was an outlier here because nothing appeared to happen but I believed it linked to the fact that China has been smuggling gold through Dubai. Via screwing over customers who keep their gold in certain locations in Dubai.

So, this is a kind of signature of how the Chinese think. They screw over the little guy in order to get on with their grand plans and steal gold. Who knows how they justify this?

Then, China is funding Deutsche bank and what happens. Gold disappears again and smaller gold holders get screwed!

They are not the good guys in all this the Chinese, for instance, in supporting Hillary Clinton, in pushing for a 'partial disclosure' (both of these behaviours have apparently been amended but still, who even considers these things?) They're going to come down too when this all goes down. The fifth density entities behind all this are doing a grand version of what fifth density entities do down here when they get involved in politics... They try (in this case do not try) and set up a system whereby the individual becomes almost irrelevant and the environment creates a world and system that works for the good of all.

When I say the individual becomes almost irrelevant I mean that in a free market, what an individual may express their willpower is is not a big deal. The point is that the best person rises in such a system. The individuals expression of power from emotional preference becomes almost irrelevant. In a free market you cannot change market around because you feel like supporting this group or another. You have to do what's effective and equality before the law is effective.

So that's my two cents. Had my head stuck in work recently but I've got to get on. Got to get prepping. Got to get reading the zerohedge articles I have already read PROPERLY and mining them for significance.

It's time to stop the social justice warrior and censorship stuff. It is not central to what I feel I best have to offer. Or what is most relevant at this time.

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