Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Little news, but Deutsche bank and BLM riots.

On the downward slide of 'no news' and 'everything is normal' and unpredictable and we haven't even gotten to the closing square yet!

Duetsch bank has been carrying on a plunge though. It has plunged 20% in the last eight days and it has few options to be bailed out. If it goes into government ownership Germany effectively rips up the rule book, because this is in opposition to all EU directives on bail ins and the like. There will definitely be more rebellion against the EU in this scenario.

America is having problems with rioting Black Lives Matter activists again. Here's a video of them looting trucks and burning the contents. This time a young black man has been killed and the reports are contradictory. Witnesses present who will not give their name are saying he was peacefully reading in his car then policemen came along and shot him. Police are saying this man was unarmed outside his car and he got inside and came out with a gun. They then shot him... At the moment I believe the latter.

I wonder if this is a subtle cabal threat... Harm us and we will send Black Lives Matter on a rampage?

I keep a long list of bookmarks of nearly every article I read. The reason being is because before I did there were so many times when I needed an article I had already read and would not be able to find it on google. Same is with this, I have got my information so far from Stefan Molyneux. However, annoyingly, in conversation and for this blog now, I do not have the name of previous perpetrators to make my case in relation to black lives matter.

But the situation was, from one of the most recent previous cases of young men being shot, that even though black lives matter complained the young man was innocent, when camera footage came out of the incident it became clear the young man had an illegal firearm and pointed it at the police with intent to fire.

Now I do not recall the specifics of this case, but I do recall there are others like this, where there is a long rap sheet, and black lives matter activists went on the protest, riots, based on the killing of a homicidal criminal.

But yes, evidence, got to get to work so can't look this up properly.

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