Friday, 23 September 2016

What Twitter is up to.

I have had a 'security issue' with twitter twice:

This particular one was for RT'ing this article by zerohedge:

Zerohedge: Is This What Panic Looks Like? Reuters Polls Show Huge Shift In Electoral Map Toward Trump

Then a second one asking to confirm with my phone number that I didn't screenshot; after RT'ing this article (below), which is disturbing by the way:

The Canary: Guardian columnist calls for ‘crowdfunded assassination’ of Jeremy Corbyn

Then, earlier today, we had Ted Cruz endorsing Donald Trump, and even though Trumpers feel like Ted Cruz is a bit yesterdays news, the anti Trumpers were out in force. After a short run of thousands of tweets this was taken off twitter:

So the censorship is directly tailored to ELECTIONS!

Exciting stuff. I will be at work tomorrow as the Labour conference begins but we will find out what's going to happen with the Corbyn election. I mean the Labour election.

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