Thursday, 22 September 2016

BLM, Sweden, Stocks, Soros.

The world is staring in disbelief at the protests, soon to be proven factually incorrect by video data, in Charlotteville. A lot of unpleasant looting and violence going on.

Sweden is starting to become unable to police it's no go zones due to Muslim migration.

Soros... Is funding both of these.

Stocks are surging!

Surely something has to snap soon!

I feel similarly about this incident to how I did when the terrorist attacks were happening. Kind of 'drained'.

Trump is about to be elected. I noticed an irony today that people like Benjamin Fulford/ David Wilcock have been saying that change has to come within a country and it cannot come from outside, there will be no mass arrests etc.

That's what the Chinese say before there is a Presidential candidate they don't like.

Perhaps they should have pulled their thumbs out before this time huh?

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