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Politics, Astrology and a dream from David

Imagine for an instance, that there is a crowded intersection of lights and roads, several cars of differing speeds and sizes are moving through this intersection. Perhaps there are about twenty roads in it, with some going over others and lets say there are many other eccentric factors. There are a few space ship like vehicles, there are holes in the roads leading to underpasses. The works. Loads of stuff going on.

There is an organisational system. There is someone, a team of people, controlling the lights and watching with different indicators the traffic approaching this junction.

Very complex work right? Most of the time it goes alright, but then, for a few days, things just don't seem to be going so well and things start to go wrong. They slow down.

That's what my brain feels like at the moment! For some reason it just does not seem to be functioning. Perhaps I need some time off work but I have forgotten to book holiday at the end of this month like I had originally planned. Also, it is more likely the ongoing problems at work and the effort at suddenly having to find a new job is a bit draining.

This is why I have not blogged until now today...

But, here we go:

Current events:

The immediate thing that catches my eye here is the Sun, Chiron and Mars all connected in conflicting lines. (squares and oppositions). There is a lot of conflict in this chart which is showing itself at the moment in a sort of stagnation in my belief.

The sun is the soul everyday feeling. Currently in the sixth house of what is meant to be service to others but is in practice the jobs we take because we 'need money', and other little practical tasks like pets. Anyway, the feeling of the day is the grounded organisation of the nitty gritty, and I suppose will pass as the sun moves onto other things including it's coming Jupiter conjunction. In fact, Perhaps the movements at the moment are making way for that conjunction.

Chiron and mars here, to me, show a very strong TENSION WITH THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. This is very interesting, it is exactly David Wilcocks post (and the far more domestic 'bake off').  The push is to act on the grand ideas we have discovered but the push back from this is to feel the self wounded on the psychic level. Perhaps including the word 'god'. (Another very interesting correlation.)

This is overlaid with another set of tension aspects. True node, Saturn and Neptune. A very frustrating combination. Any conversation even including Neptune brings that hard to pin down energy. This means that justice, while not stunted will be hard to grasp, as will humanities future journey.

This reminds me of a point that even though there is no drama, there are very big important moves afoot. I shall summarise a few of these and go back to astrology:

  • David Cameron is getting scrutiny in relation to his legacy in Libya
  • The wikileaks emails are still being analysed by the public and they include information the Democratic National Party was co- ordinating the Trump protests... Dirty politics.
  • Theresa May has stopped one of David Camerons interventions and because of it one an important member of the BBC has left.
  • Theresa May is receiving opposition to sending weapons to Saudi Arabia.
I think it's now worth considering that Theresa May is not a neo liberal. The BBC is one of the heads of the beast; even though Brexit may be going slowly her government seems to be doing the right thing. Alex Jones has been talking positively about the UK government and military in this video. (After halfway when talking about Syria)

There is not much else that isn't implied by these connections. The whole thing is holistic. On a personal note though Venus has moved into my seventh house and a certain consideration of more female energies has been present in the last few days. At one time I was feeling that girls on twitter were suddenly being more suggestive than normal, which is a strange thought to have.

David Wilcocks dream:

When I am writing about these things I get thoughts, sometimes I try and think what should I actually write about instead but the thought doesn't budge so I write about that.

From his online blog Divine Cosmos, post linked here, David Wilcock has dropped a dream:
I just woke up with quite the wild dream after writing the original article. The time was 5:16 AM.

I was helping a dedicated warrior fight a long-term battle against a negative force. At times I became him and at other times he was someone else. We were never clear -- I was never clear -- whether what we were fighting was real. Everything appeared to be controlled by a giant serpent. However, at the very end he was proven shockingly correct... While he was off fighting this battle, he managed to slay this serpent-like dragon. What he brought back was not in the form of a serpent, however. I saw the bodies of three different types of negative ETs that he had taken out. 
They looked somewhat like store-packaged forms of turkeys, including the color and shape. They were also wrapped that way, but these were no turkeys.The dream ended as we were going to have to figure out how to dispose of the bodies. It was very intense and nasty and I woke up with a start. It was quite a shock to see him suddenly come back and there they were, fully real and physically dead, right in front of me. This was obviously related to the contents of the new book and events that we are told are already occurring right now in our present. 
I felt that this was one I was intended to share with you, so there you have it. Hopefully the next round will be... more pleasant!
This has been edited for formatting because his blog is laid out differently to this Google one. But none of the words have been changed.

My take on this may be a little of a damp squib... But...

I suspect the reference to the fact that it is not know whether the fighting is real or not comes partly from two places: A) Tiredness, this is the feeling you get when you are tired and you can't quite grip things, life is not real. B) The obvious sense of everyone being disconnected and fighting in their own way with little personal connection. It makes life unreal. This probably extends to high status individuals. I am thinking that the whole libertarian community is like this and others outside it. Which is why twitter is so good at bridging some sort of personal connection even with high profile speakers and such.

The dedicated warrior is probably all of us in some way but possibly here refers to the 'alliance' that David is in contact with.

The three negative ET's I believe could be the reverse of the trinity. It sounds strange and biblical or cartoonish. But I do think the negative forces on earth are keyed to destroying Christianity. This is also mentioned with good evidence by the Alex Jones video above. Just think of everything they are destroying, how they are attempting to destroy culture and Judeo Christian beliefs of tradition and family.

I believe the intense and nasty aspect of the burying of the bodies is the anger that has accrued amongst the fifth density wanderers. I have already mentioned how I believe David is fifth density. I also believe that this experience we are all having here, this experience of the fifth density having to rely on each others information and this sort of network we have going of information. Is part of why we are here A) Acting like an immune system that works in tandem and can, to an extent more than other densities, process information in a way as to be comfortable outside of polarity (so being able to process certain negatively orientated information, fifth density potentiates rather than polarises LoO).

This is important because a sixth density entity has to emotionally experience every bit of information (unifying love and wisdom) and even though they are in this network (working out the finer details and making the theory practice), for many of them processing information of this potential darkness derails their emotional core.

So the fifth density wanderers are the forerunners, the leaders of this movement. This is how it is in the etheric world with the fifth density leading, many of them though are not in leadership positions. The 'dead' negative entities represents a cold anger at all the things we are all having to absorb and witness. The fact that David doesn't want to bury them is perhaps reminiscent of: i) that he himself as a wanderer is amongst the fifth density inhabitants less inclined to violence (perhaps why he chose that role?). For instance, I would not imagine Benjamin Fulford standing over dead negative entities would have so little triumph (David Wilcock seems to be saying this in his last line) ii) the fact that some of the things that the positive fifth density incarnate here will be involved in will be difficult. Economic crashes etc. -- I do not favour this interpretation.

B) The second reason 'we are here' doing this is that fifth density entities need to form a social memory complex to graduate into sixth density. Most fifth density entities here incarnate are probably harvestable.

I wonder if the reference to Turkey's is a crude and transitory piece of information that Turkey is the centre of some of this. Turkey was after all nearly overthrown by the US recently. Is the centre of US. EU, Da'esh related and Russian efforts at the moment.

There we go!

Another thing:

One extra thing that I followed up from before is that the idea that Halal, could be based on the Hebrew, Hey- lel that means Devil. Well, Hey lel does mean lucifer in Hebrew: This is also related quite obviously to the name of the negative entity that got involved in the Edgar Cayce readings. Consider this also:

Daily Mail: Dhaka's streets turn to rivers of blood as Muslims use car parks and garages to slaughter animals for Eid al-Adha

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