Monday, 12 September 2016

Beginning of the end? Or business as usual.

The stock market is starting to fall, this is following chaos in the bond market, where rates are no longer being determined by central banks but are taking on their own life and being decided a little bit by the 'free' market.

Here is a little news on the idea:

However, note the sign of the beast here in the FTSE:

The sign of the beast is the sign of the negative forces rigging the market to stay up.

I have gone through in detail the way that "terrorist" attacks are done whenever the market looks like it is going to fall. Perhaps the stock market, whoever is really buying that is probably banks. Were wanting an attack on September 11th and are unhappy they didn't get one. I'm still not sure precisely why those attacks are necessary but perhaps they simply prove the negative forces are still in some sort of control.

The DOW lowest close last year before it's rise again was 15,666. I call this the line of the devil. 

But also, a personal synchronicity here showed that an advanced positive force (related to the golden tower of my last post) is also active in the market. So we'll see.

But this is the big thing at the moment. Markets are down. The dow future however are a lot better than they were and are currently at -104. Recently being at -414 over the weekend and -96 just now. It looks like the plunge is going to continue at least for today on a first glance.

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