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Hazy life, and mens movement in Daily Mail.

OK, another blog post, while we are waiting for the system to come crashing down. ;)

After my previous post (under the headline guilt without trial) I have been feeling it slightly, that a decisions has been made on some sort of subconscious level that has been felt. My sister was a rare connection I had to a level of emotional reality where feelings/ affection are the dominant way of relating. Most of my life involves some sort of planning that is quasi technical. After music went out the window too.

It also makes me wonder about how connected we all are. For instance, in the last post I referenced, only very briefly, too briefly, what would be the case if my life had gone 'as planned' (when I thought of this I thought of it in full terms not the brief terms mentioned). Within the same day Dave Cullen comes out with this long speech on what would have happened if there had been no EU. A more pleasant world. It also seems to me that Stefan Molyneux referenced that in 31 mins here. But that is perhaps my subjective interpretation.

I was much amused by this article:

Daily Mail: Meet the men who hate women so much that they have vowed NEVER to sleep with them again

I had to stop halfway and check what was obvious, that the author was female, it is written with amusing bitterness:
In fact, the members of the community do not see feminism as a movement for equality, but rather something that infringes on the rights of men.

Users in the forums rage against 'career women' but also spew bilious prose about women they perceive to be 'gold-diggers'. Men brag about dumping women who proved themselves to be 'feminazis' but also about fooling their past sexual conquests.
Some of the topics boast such titles as 'The state exists only to transfer your money to women' and 'The “Domestic Abuse” machine as an apparatus for men’s enslavement'.

This is beyond the fat-shaming, slut-shaming and even age-shaming that is rife throughout the site. Its users also seem to align themselves firmly with the so-called alt-right.
And this is an informative line if it is indeed true:
The website even has instructions for how members can reach certain 'levels', borrowing one plot device from movie The Matrix to describe themselves as 'red pill' men who have expunged a period of unenlightened 'blue pill' existence from their lives. 
The first level, 0, sees men come to the realization that feminism is the enemy and women are manipulative liars, followed by level one, where they decide to no longer engage in meaningful relationships, only sexual ones. 
In level two, even sex is ruled out. The final level, four, is when a member has become fully enlightened.
So essentially this group sounds like are going for the jugular rather than being sensible and measured. The thing that a woman gets from sex is the emotional connection. They are trying to create a religion to deny this and cause discomfort to women. If the pleasing half flirtateous chat is taken away from everyday women (those not clever enough to deal with it); It will quickly make things quite unpleasant for them.

Importantly, this groups is trying to take credit, and possibly redirect energy, that is already there, away from intellectual awareness and into a self serving cult.

So, for my little bit of disclosure before I tear into this group: The commitment to not chase sex and the discipline of all sexual impulses, not looking at porn, no masturbation etc. Is hugely positive for my life. I am a new age person who believes very much in ideas similar to the Oriental practices of 'chi'. I feel exhausted when I do release that lower energy and this celibacy also reflects in my relationships with women. Many of my male friends have become whiny little bitches, by pandering to girls in their lives they are sleeping with and essentially going left. Even those that secretly are very anti left.

This is not the direction I have gone in in this 'dangerous' environment (and it is dangerous) and because I have not gone in this direction, I do not emotionally relate to most people that are at this level. There is a whole realm of giving extra considerations to women that simply does not exist to me and because of that there are women that do not like me. I have never been able to plead or beg.

OK, so this is the groups website:

Men Going Their Own Way

Now, in my opinion, the reason this page all seems a bit weird is that it smacks of desperation. I have been out clubbing with men many times who profess they are out for 'everyone' to have fun. Who are very realistic about how hypocritical women can be but then when they get into that club, they are chasing tail. They are not present if their are no hotties (or even non hotties) in their vicinity. There is a 'desperation' to them.

This in fact, has become so intolerable I do not go clubbing anymore.

Withdrawing from sex and emotional connection with women of breeding age is NOT the way to go for any mans empowerment movement. There is no rationality after the sexual act, and manipulative women thrive where there is no rationality, it is their bread and butter. Having sex but specifying no emotional commitment is also not, in my view part of that, it is simply a way to hurt women. If there was a way to do this, it would be to emotionally connect, but be aware that sex needs to be controlled, thus attaining more power.

But, does this need to be done at all? I think a man's movement is a good thing, to group together all the men destroyed in the courts, to give meaning to life in bonding (sport, weights etc.) in difficult times. But to direct it at women in this way I believe could cause unnecessary resentment.

To do this I will show two women, one of whom is probably too young and sweet to be considered a sexual object but I will do so anyway:


So, the first one is an eighteen year old girl, who is very what might be called 'alt- right', and simply does not agree with the feminist agenda. I have found a lot of the biggest defenders of 'mens rights' are women. Including this website '' which was from a 14 year old girl. 'Princess', if she chooses to, will get into the dating scene if not now, then in the next few years. Is an ally to anti immigration and alt right movements. 

I don't think much needs to be said on the second one 'Deplorable London'. Her twitter is filled with strong 'alt right' memes. Essentially it seems to me that this girl is 'fishing' within the alt right community. She has done the intelligent thing in order to get what she wants. She has not taken the route of trying to dominate men to the feminist agenda and, if and when she does partner, or has already partnered, with someone in that movement, will only strengthen a person, potentially towards the completion of libertarian goals. (Like Melania Trump).

Nigel Farage once said that it was 30 year old women who were his biggest supporters in South Thanet and he kept on meeting men who would say 'Oh it's you, hang on a minute I'll get my wife, she loves you'. (Term probably wasn't 'love' but I can't remember precisely).

So a movement against women at this point will not serve to do any good. Because it is women in so many cases, all over my twitter for instance, who are supporting the overthrow of the ridiculously inefficient and corrupt government and the feminist/ communist movement that is infesting same.

I wonder if it really matters. At the forefront of my thoughts is that a mens movement like this is long overdue. There are many men that are effected by the weighting of the "justice" system, the tax system etc. It is a surprise they have not risen up by now.

But maybe they have already. Maybe the alt right/ libertarian movement is the umbrella under which most of humanity is uniting!

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