Saturday, 24 September 2016

Thought crimes and coming crash.

I woke up this morning with all sorts of confused garbage in my head. It appears that my mind was trying to process something do with Black Lives Matter and the fact that such thoughts seem to be thought crimes of some degree at the moment. Since I had only had about two hours sleep this was confusing. It felt like there were several people in the room with me and I kept setting the snooze strangely and doing things I had no idea about.

I'm thinking at the moment that mathematically, some shift away from the current system is likely. But when? Probably the only time this will happen, as I've said before, is when there are elections that push it. Coming political events are Yuan becoming reserve currency (October 1st). Hungary referendum on migrant quotas (October 2nd). President of the United States Election (November 8th.) Austria re- election (coming sometime in November apparently; this is after a libertarian party was rigged out by postal votes) sometime in November and Italy's referendum (between November 16th and December 16th).

The last two obviously, Austria and Italy, since they have not been called yet, could be pushed on further and the Presidential Election could be the victim of foul play, for example, around Hillary's health.

David Wilcock is also due for another post about January 2018- ish.

But every day the noose tightens around the neck of the liberal elite 'can kickers'.

This particular crash that's coming will include multiple bubbles all coming down. There is not just one bubble as has often been the case previously, the debt is in every developed nation in the world. Possibly also every undeveloped nation. The cracks of long term Quantitative Easing and pretending trade into existence when in fact there is no global trade are due to arrive soon.

I cannot see or guess when the next change is going to be. The earliest that I can see will be the American Presidential Election that at the very least will cause a little social upset by all the neo liberal domestics.

What will happen to people during the time of either a stock market crash, and/ or political change including arrests of the top brass bad guys?:

Bad guys: These peoples experience is just going from bad to worse at the moment, as they are unable to influence events they will feel themselves in a desperate place as they finally, materially, lose control and perhaps start going to jail. They will experience extremes in panic and anxiety. Perhaps a little relief it is finally over and they will not have to keep doing ridiculous activities.

No doubt the more domestic anti fa/ fanatical liberals/ safe space social justice warriors will also feel very stressed, as though Trump and his crew are taking over. Probably a bit of a meltdown here.

Good guys: Trumpers/ Libertarians/ Eurosceptics/ Friendly Foreign governments etc. These people will feel a huge feeling of positivity as those bad guys go to jail. However, if the way it goes is through a market crash they will also feel happy they have prepared and be having to provide 'service' to those around that are confused by events. The long effect of feeling things and those things not being acknowledged. Feeling enslaved and powerless in some way will quickly dissipate.

Centre ground normal people/ liberals of non fanatical variety:  These people are complicit. Kind of complicit. They do support the neo liberal ideas tacitly of can kicking. They don't want to confront things. They also do not really support what the bad guys really support.

Probably some sort of meltdown and a renewed feeling of powerless to replace the illusory feeling of power they now engage in. Having to admit they are wrong about things will not be easy. Perhaps they will become more nasty than has been obvious thus far because they always were able to hide their nastiness behind pro- EU and pro social norm points.

The ignoring of events like Cologne shows a little of how these people think. But, for the first time in a long time these people will not have the option to can kick. It should be interesting. Like a science experiment that might involve self defense with deadly force in case the subjects get too rowdy.

I would like to have vacated my house so some of these people do not turn up wanting my prep if things did get bad. But I have no problem with violent self defense in those cases.

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