Friday, 9 September 2016

Only two things:

There has been a photograph of the sun reflecting off the One World Trade Centre. When we see sun like this we might think it is a sign from the 'Sun God'!:

The photo went viral, and was shared by millions of people on social media."That photo brought so much light and hope," said Sturner, adding that he never thought he would see anything like it again.
So perhaps even after the ongoing assault of violent jihadist strikes, perhaps this September 11th will be OK.

On the subject of Islam I have also continued my journey down that particular rabbit hole and founds others who have looked into the area, this is my new understanding on it:

Beyond the Cusp: Which Quran, Mecca or Medina?

This basically states that Muhammeds journey started off very peaceful and tolerant, but as he was thrown into harsher conditions he became more angry and Islam turned from a religion into a totalitarian political ideology.

There is some truth when Muslims say that 'Muhammed was the last messenger'. As in he was not the actual last messenger in my opinion. But he was the last one incarnating in order to promote monotheism in the general pattern of the era when the whole world was turning from polytheism to monotheism.

My local MP:

Another thing that has wound me up is that my local MP has a #noplaceforhate picture from his office window and apparently, according to the Argus, saw a man telling two Italian woman we voted you out, go home etc.

Bullshit! The pathetic weasel is lying through his teeth. *Groan*.

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