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Global politics, twitter antics, political ideas filtering down to life with the rest of us.

I looked briefly at the signs of the end times website I referenced in the last post, it seems to be a sandwich short of a picnic, but the source material is interesting:
1 Timothy 4:1 ...'Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.'
Feminism? anti fa? Islam?

Under this title they talk about near death experiences being from the devil. Anything in the bracket of 'evidence' surely must be!

Also, Deutsche bank is continuing as normal, I've seen Telegraph break the news now. I still struggle to get interested in this or believe it to be a real threat, but I am VERY excited about buying a machete. I do think the emotion some of my former 'friends' will feel when they see I have brought a machete (I will be posting it on facebook when I've got it) is that turning up to get my prep in the event of bad things is not a solution (unless they want to end the pain quickly). They will be stunted in their lazy ass intention to ignore everything I am saying, put me down sometimes, but if it goes wrong attempt to steal from me because they haven't prepped.

If you want to survive you prep for yourself (not that I'm even definitely sure I'm going to need it.)

Twitter antics.

Yesterday, while I was just lying around twittering. A really carnal image came up on my twitter. Of a woman standing over a tied up man with his 'codpiece' in a metal device, gyrating her 'reproductive organ' over his mouth.

I didn't think much of it. Later I found out the girl posting this is FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. It kind of goes against a belief that I hold very strongly that women are fundamentally asexual. That they usually only get sexual desires after about 40 when they are physically more dried up because that gives them a chance to grieve and emote over a lost youth, and they do love emoting.

It also brought me round to this website:

Here's another interesting tidbit:

Guardian: Racial murders: nearly half the victims are white

Winston Churchill:

The poster at the top there I have gotten from women, including it's tagline 'it is easier to raise whole children than to repair broken men'. Many women are against the establishment at the moment and are not in favour of nazism feminism. So when I put forward this bear that in mind:

But like the Winston Churchill quote says, the establishment and the feminists cannot really oppose truth. Men are stronger than women, more determined often, less inclined towards chatter when working. In whatever field of interest this is, if it is in the police force, or a minimum wage job, or some other place, all the feminist garbage in the world will not be able to change reality.

In 2008, due to feminist rules on policing, a prisoner took the gun off a five foot, grandmother aged police officer at his trial and went on a shooting rampage. Feminists bear responsibility for this. As do the women who cried rape and were found to have done so falsely. They have not, of course, received their karma.

In the police service in America, the police are having this trouble where because of gender quotas, they have to hire 50% of each gender but there are a lot of highly skilled men they can hire, and hardly any women, so they have to lower the bar for womens entry. This leads to a situation where policeman are partnered with women who may be very unfit and unable to do the role and they are not confident their partner can protect them in a violent situation.

Where I work the men are simply faster at doing the job. There is one woman who is as fast and effective as the men and she chats a lot of the time and expects (and gets) special treatment for no clear reason. There are two shift runners, the man is extremely fair and effective which has been noticed by upper management. The woman is not (but she is, to be fair, improving) and she has tended to have a go at people because she emotionally prefers to, giving preferential treatment to who she likes. Speaks Spanish all the time (chats constantly, previously to the extent of chatting when work is urgently needed doing, then tells others off for even a few words of chat), creating divisions in the place, whereas the Spanish men do not do so, I suspect she is the reason for our high turnover, it has only happened since she became shift runner and she is liable for both of our recent failed health and safety inspections.

This could just be coincidence, but what I am trying to say is that in this situation and others like it, the business cannot avoid somehow capitulating to the male workers because they have to. If they do not then the men will leave (perhaps they mostly leave and the discussion never comes up) and the business will fail... The free market speaks again! Of course, many businesses and persons will fail, and deserve to fail, if it comes to a choice of refuse female dominance or fall.

Guilt without trial. 

These feminist perspectives filter down to the ground layer and break up society, like perhaps they were originally intent on doing. (Having been started by the CIA)

Since my father died I have had trouble staying in contact with my little sister. The reason being because her mother simply gets in the way too much. When I go over to their house she will not stop coming in the room if me and my sister are simply sitting there playing monopoly or something. One time, which I had to re- remind my sister of because she wouldn't believe me, she came in the room, stared at us both from a few feet away and went back out without saying a word.

This gets ridiculous, every few minutes we are disturbed, if we watch a film it will be interrupted usually timed at the very end and multiple times throughout the film. So I decided I wouldn't go round there anymore (I could not stand the constant eggshell walking now). My first idea was to invite her over to my place. That fell flat, my second idea was to take her out for vegan pizza and simply go for a walk whenever I'm going to see her.

I suspect that the reason her mother will not leave us alone is that she suspects that I would be 'touching' my sister in some inappropriate way because the behaviour does not make sense otherwise. One time when I tried to shut the door because we were watching a film and she had the radio on very, very loud she looked at me and said 'I want this door OPEN!' Why? Do you not think you'd be able to hear her yell if it was closed?

When I asked my sister to come around she gave me an excuse I didn't believe. Unless times have changed, large amounts of homework are not given out that are due tomorrow. The requirement of taking my sister out each time I want to contact her when I am getting extremely tired from working are not really reasonable. Even these are cancelled. For a possibly legitimate reason last time. But who cares really?

Does my sisters mother need any evidence to act on this idea that I'm not safe around her? Of course not! What a stupid idea! She has just decided it, probably because, as my father told me, she 'doesn't like men'. Rather like men all over the world who have been accused of various different things with no evidence, on a lesser scale of course since I have not been actually accused and put in jail, simply, the accusation held in my sisters mothers mind has been subtly acted upon.

So that's probably pretty much the end of my communication with my sister. If you cannot contact someone and talk to them ever then what's the point? If I basically achieved what would have been my goal if things were not so chaotic I could wait until she was 16, when her mother has less legal power over her, and simply tell her to come around when she wants (my own place etc. etc.). Come and stay as a respite from your mother or we can go out when I have a life that I enjoy more and more free time.

What my life goals would have been show no signs of manifesting of course. There are many people with similar unfounded accusations that have screwed that one over. My goal if nothing changes (no financial collapse, no extra terrestrial contact and such) is simply to attain a place of my own, in the snow, where I can get away from this all. Perhaps in Russia, I do not particularly like the English countryside (although I do like the sea!). I'd like to know what I'd do for money. At this point my friends have separated from me over political ideas mainly, I have some family I connect with but that list has just shrunk.

The global game:

The house and the senate voted against Obama's veto of the bill that allows the families of the victims of 9/11 to sue Saudi Arabia. This is HUGE news! A real sign of change.

Keep the faith huh? Keep the faith!

And on feminism again:

It is also worth nothing that the establishment feminist does not treat women very well. For instance, the women raped by Bill Clinton have in some cases held that wound for more than 40 years, and the women raped in Cologne and the victims of Muslim rape gangs all over England are ignored by feminists. Feminists do not care about women.

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