Sunday, 18 September 2016

Real motive for the NY attack?

This will be my 606th post. Synchronistically, I wonder what 666th will be! Will I have stopped by then? Will it be very good or mistaken post... Nothing in particular.

Just a quick though. The New York City bomb placed in a dumpster, (there were several different ones, one was in a pressure cooker, it doesn't really matter which one was in which city)

Paul Joseph Watson found a blogger proporting to be the bomber, It included this statement:

Now, what I think about this is that:

A) Libertarians hate the liberal, SJW left more than either regressive Muslims (who they view as being mindless barbarians), or a group that could be called the 'real left' like Corbyn and Bernie and their followers. Although there are exceptions, Libertarians are most hateful of the liberal Hillary- EU type left that they understand to be destroying the world and their lives.

B) This particular attack and this narrative gives a good distraction from other things. Finally pinning down these leftist cunt activists is a big deal for those supporting Trump/ Brexit etc. Those generally considered the 'right'.

Mostly that the US broke the ceasefire in Syria in order to kill 200 members of the Syrian army and give a strategically important victory to Da'esh. If Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux and co. were on this then it would be far worse for the cabal than the ongoing political war between the neo liberal left and the alt- right.

We will see how these attacks, including the Minnesota one, effect the stock market tomorrow. As a reminder:

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