Monday, 5 September 2016

OMG, OMG, OMG. I've found another correlation in lightning strikes, and (potentially) the next big thing!

In this post I laid out my case that lightning strikes are prefacing huge political and social changes in our society, and, if you go back to the first link, are leading to a moment of sudden societal change in our society for the better. A sudden 'karma'.

I ended with this:
So an amateur weather reporter had a strike right near him?

I have no clue what that could mean... Social media? Mainstream reporting?
This, again, like almost all my other strikes, has been precognitive, when seen from a certain angle:

This amateur reporters close strike with lightning was reported on August 3rd.

Paul Joseph Watson broadcast this video on August 4th.

Mike Cernovich followed up with this article on August 7th.

After this the mainstream media has been LOSING the argument on this issue, and according to Mike Cernovich, this has been happening for a long time. However, this was one of the most obvious cases where the mainstream has lost. The stakes were big here too.

Zerohedge: Dr. Drew Asked To Retract Hillary Health Comments - Received "Scary, Creepy" Phone Calls

This is the next lightning strike I did not mention because it might have Satanic links, they like to sacrifice animals that Satanists. But this lightning strike killed so many deer in Norway, where strong anti Islamic sentiment is growing... Perhaps halal slaughter is next. (Diane James has mentioned this too. Apparently many constituents are asking about this.)

Seems small fish but who knows!

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