Monday, 19 September 2016

Bad guys lost this battle.

As summarised here I put forward the idea that these terrorist attacks always happen when the stock market is falling.

Which almost happened this time, the morning was triple digits up, but it did not stay that way.

The dow closed -3:

Zerohedges other market overview included a lot more technical info. Chinese markets and oil. I wanted to add this one in because it's important to acknowledge this 'terror rally' is a real thing.

So, even when they kill a few people they cannot make the market go up.

The negatives are losing polarity. They have not dominated the situation.

They are also desperately trying to control the media narrative and badly failing. Which would be more impressive if they weren't so pathetic at it.

On the Benjamin Fulford comment section I was reminded of something David Wilcock said once, these people plan to not stop until the 'short drop and the sudden stop'. I.e. some will not stop until they are dead, their stated intention.

This is the only way to explain them since there is no way they are going to win from this position.

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