Monday, 26 September 2016

BIg day, big things happening!

Well, Surprisingly, the re- election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader lead to the immediate killing of the EU second referendum idea:

The Daily Mail: Ed Miliband heckled by Labour member as he tells the party NOT to campaign for a second EU referendum

Also, concurrently. Boris Johnson appears to be pushing Brexit and Liam Fox is talking about options that involve not being in the single market... Is it happening! Very exciting.

It's surprising how much Jeremy Corbyns election, basically a non event for any material reason I can think of, has seemed to have shifted the mood. Perhaps elections where the elite are beaten like this are expressing the free will principle, and for that reason, it seems to be the only thing that creates substantial change, despite grandstanding for all these secretive 'good' powers that have opposed the cabal.

Jeremy would have had to rely on Kipper votes, voting through Unions for that landslide in all likelihood. As a song I was once writing summarises... "There's an irony there, somewhere."

The next vote is the Hungary one on migrant quotas next Sunday.

After that is the Donald Trump Election. Great emotionally deep fan videos here and here.

The first one means I will probably be boycotting Robert Downey Junior for a long time despite being quite a fan.

To correct an earlier post, it looks like Keith Lamont Scott was not guilty and that the police were especially hazardous in this regard, (from my perspective watching this video):

Daily Mail: Shot dead as he walked backwards with hands at his side: Charlotte police finally release Keith Scott shooting videos and say cop fired at him because his 'movements were perceived as physical threat'

I had quite the dream this morning which left me fairly raw. It involved being taken by a swat team after applying physical force to someone that I perceived to be threatening to my interests. It was a very raw and realistic dream. I feel quite exhausted emotionally from having it.

(A synchronicity has lead me to add that I experienced telekinesis in my dream, I harmed a guy to protect my sister and which I had no rationality left in my mind in that intent, and the police turned up in large numbers later for me, with SWAT across their chests. When I was taken in I was thinking that they could hold me indefinitely under an anti terrorist act because this was America.)

And, I should mention it, but really we'll have to wait and see: Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton today. This has happened on Pluto direct day and we can expect the change in mood at the moment to continue for six months. Even though it has seemed complete and sudden. I have no idea what explains why Pluto Direct today has seemed to shift today, whereas normally I can feel it ten days or so ahead.

It is very suspicious this turn of events with Keith Lamont Scott has happened in such a way as to aid Hillary. Coincidences like that, when dealing with these people, are too suspicious. Keith Lamont Scott was as well timed as Jo Cox.

But perhaps the event happened and the only interference needed was that the news got out. Perhaps Benjamin Fulford will have a perspective on this.

Also, here is a disturbing video on Islams agenda: Understanding Halal Certification Schemes (Part 1 - 12 complete)

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