Tuesday, 13 September 2016


I've seen recently on David Wilcocks site, (and checked on the original post it came from) that if ascension was now only 300,000 people in the world would ascend. I assume that means harvest.

300,000. The death rate in the world is about 150,000 per day. So two days worth of dead people could ascend.

This throws up all sorts of thoughts for me. But mostly it re- affirms what I have been thinking already. That we have shifted into a place where it is difficult for people to positively polarise.

In the LoO, when discussing the negative polarity, it was discussed more than once that positive polarity is impossible when in a negatively polarised environment. While I do not believe the current Western environment is THAT negatively polarised, I do think there are a lot of people dying from 'austerity'. A lot of political oppression, and a lot of problems that prevent positive polarity.

The theory behind this I believe is shown by a study on reptiles. Where if they are transferred to a different habitat and move from carnivors to herbivors, within a few generations they become less violent resultingly far more peaceful.

But, I can see where this is going and it might be the position that Corey has pushed for a while, or at least one I have heard around his materials but nowhere else is it expressed positively.

The idea of a slower polarisation. However, I do not think this is possible. I do see the benefit of a slower adaption to a higher positive polarity for many people. However, it seems to me the tremendous emotional intensity of humanity will quickly move in a way as to naturally overpower barriers and then good people will get hurt if there is an attempt to do it all slower.

Negs could stalemate everything and keep it all going for longer. Like they seem to be given unlimited licence to do.

Who knows? I certainly have no power over this situation


Dow futures at -91. Fed peeps have been talking down a rate hike and futures are still down. Looks like this downward move is a little more serious then just fussing over the hike! (Just re- checked dow futures and they are at -111 no joke!)

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