Sunday, 25 September 2016

FInding out weird things. New info aiding my predictions moving forward.

So, I found out, much to my confusion recently, that female on male rape is a real thing.

I have known that male on male rape is a real thing, and that the occasional woman might decide to tie up a guy and dildo him. But a woman physically overpowering a guy and making him hard in order to complete the sexual act did not occur to me as particularly likely before now because:

A) Women are not particularly sexual, and so with a lower sex drive I wouldn't consider that they would have any motivation to rape. Especially when it is very easy for them to get sex.
B) Women on average are less strong to quite an extent.
C) It just seems anatomically difficult.

I heard a story a while back about a guy whose girlfriend tied him up, he thought it was good, then left him alone for a while and talked with her friend and he wanted to get away, then they both 'rode him' in turn. He wasn't happy with that but wasn't quite sure that he even wanted to bring it up with his girlfriend.

But apparently, groups of women can overpower a guy, and women can overpower men, either by tying up, some other element like drugs or simply through overpowering.

Perhaps it is statistically not very likely. Perhaps on the same level as being struck by lightning. It is still a surprise to me that it is even possible. Or perhaps not. I have no way of knowing because any statistics offered will be almost definitely severely underestimated. I have heard some weird stories verging on rape (or perhaps actually rape) in womens confessions sections on mens magazines.

It is like the long slow process I had of figuring out women can be the instigators of domestic violence.

Of course female on male rape is somewhat fetishtic, but at the same time unpleasant. Some of the men seem to describe it like the body enjoys it but the mind is stuck in this place of trying to find a way to get out of the situation. I imagine this is the same as some women having rape fantasies but that is the animal body wanting what it wants. The spirit does not go along with it and the person is damaged by the act.

This is just a weird thing. The real evil though is the feminists who then do not allow the men to go anywhere for councilling on this issue because they hate men so much. I imagine these peoples many manifestations of moral decay will catch up to them soon.

I remember a while back when I was in University talking with a young girl who went to the gym a lot who started to get into feminism and when she talked about domestic violence purely from a male on female perspective and I was thinking how much stronger the girl was than me. This was at the time of looking after myself very badly and my diabetes causing havoc.

Global sociology.

So, the neo liberal social justicy type crap is bigger than I realised. Listening to Dave Cullen's new podcast (far more exhaustive than his previous work, youtubes anti- monetisation seems to have brought some free market principles in here). The social justice phenomenon is widespread, bizarre and really quite deep into society apparently. I had not realised this.

So you have states in America where everyone is into the neo liberal establishment narrative. Rather like London. A state is quite a big place by the way. Then you have states in America that are like those states but to a higher degree. This is disturbing.

Now I bet you that very, very few of these social justice warriors have prepped. They are people looking for a short term moral highground fix and not able to make plans based on reality. Also, that as things move on these are going to obviously be the most dysfunctional people. The people that can't take sudden huge news of market crashes and the like without resorting to disturbing manifestations of fascism.

So this could go one of two ways for them. Ranting and railing against the election of Donald Trump and others and being ignored. Getting more angry and finally having to go inward after increased violence, jail time for some of them and the arrest of the wrongdoers they support.

Or, there could be the stock market crash and the people they will have to rely on will be libertarians and the army (not being able to rely on themselves not having prepped). The former of which are under no obligation to help them and whom in many cases they may have burned their bridges with and/ or have no way of contacting.

The Grand Karmic Plan.

I have mentioned this before but unfortunately it is probably far too far back to have been labelled. I have long held that many in the liberal left camp have unconsciously managed themselves into that position because it aligns with their own behaviours that in some cases are negative...

So an example of this is a woman who cheats on her boyfriend and has the view that she should not tell her boyfriend because she is looking after him. He is too "delicate" to handle it. She also says it is something that he has done that is the problem which is a lie, it is her own lust (Contradicting my comment up there, but this is still a passive vs. an active form of sexuality)

This 'looking after' and 'I am a good person because I look after others' and other escalations of this thought puts her in the left wing side of things. Perhaps she is remain, and now she would be getting karma. As those males, metaphors for the man she has pushed down emotionally, are successfully rebelling against her own perspectives symbolised by the neo liberal establishment.

I said before how when I was an eccentric anti EU conspiracy theorists some pro establishment people were fine with me; but then when we won the vote, my views suddenly became a threat to them and certain people on facebook made whining sounds and deleted me from their friends list.

Women do all sorts of nasty things that society simply can't address. The huge amount of feminist teachers whom have strangled the life out of their classrooms also needs some karma. Female on male domestic abuse, rape, falsely claiming rape that is never punished, and all sorts of subtle emotional claims to victimhood and other manipulations.

So, you start to see how A can line up with B. the people who have done nasty things and continually ignored a certain perspective and marginalised a certain sort of individual, now being in a position where they can no longer do that. Can you ignore that people behind Hillary are on trial for being part of a satanic cult? No, that manipulation of the media against Trump, UKIP and others was part of this? No; and can you legitimately ask a libertarian man, who knows how to defend himself, 'can you please look after me and feed me now the establishment has let me down, even though I have shouted that you are racist repeatedly (or another more personal assault)'? No again, perhaps because he doesn't have capacity. But even if he does he is well within his rights to tell the social justice warrior to fuck off and go and die in the streets. Would you take in a woman who has falsely accused others of rape for instance?

This is an interesting thought experiment. But we will just have to see how it works out.

The new world

So what would you like to see if the world does start transforming into a better version of itself? It is something worth a ponder.

To me though, I have started to realise there has been an error in my thinking here. I care less about the wrongdoers being arrested than I do about systems being put into place that keep up a general state of positive polarity. The free market for instance. If these people all got arrested tomorrow but we lived under Chinese rule? ... Well, the Chinese have the most dysfunctional governmental system on earth. They are communist and rule by what they personally prefer which is a recipe for disaster. We would have gotten nowhere and within a short time the same problems would turn up but with new actors, simply because the mechanisms of corruption would still be in place.

You would still be able to lobby government for personal reasons.

Echoing Stefan Molyneux, I care less about the arrest of those people than of growing a small government libertarian system. Where free market rules decide how things work, innovation and intellect is rewarded not punished. Taxation is largely eliminated, and the massive wasteful expanse of government is also eliminated.

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