Monday, 5 September 2016

Been researching a bit, and I don't like what I've discovered.

I have been looking into Islam. This is what I have decided,

Following on from my other insights into the 'religion of peace', I carried on looking into the subject. It really has seemed and felt to me that I have been a little guided into this. I have a little more positive energy than normal, coincidences seem to crop up and connections are being made with a feel of light in the mind!

In 'bullet' points then:

  • In the times of Muhammed, apparently according to one respected hadith, Muhammed said that he did not want his life recorded. It is for this reason no hadith were created for about 200 years.
  • If you do not accept the Hadiths as a valid interpretation, it does moderate some of Islams atrocities. There is no mention of the stoning of gays, there is no mention of stoning adulterers. I have found little on Sharia being in the Quran, none on halal slaughter being in the Quran.
  • HOWEVER; what Islam does say is that it lays out rules of conquering other tribes, endless references to hating other peoples and religions and basically a free licence to kill non Muslims.
  • Even a casual reading brings up these lines. I clicked on a random part and was faced, in Sura 47:4 (I believe) by a part of the Quran encouraging Jihad and violent war.
  • The Quran also talks positively about sex slaves and there are endless passages explaining in detail that Muhammed can have all the sex slaves he wants.
  • There are a lot of text in the Quran that states how great the Quran and Muhammed are... Specifically that Muhammed is the only messenger of God and that the Quran is gods perfect word... Gods perfect word that is timeless. Or something.
However, and these are a few interesting 'howevers':

  • The Quran makes endless references to Muhammed being Allah's perfect messengers and that Muslims should follow the example of Muhammed. However, there is not much of Muhammeds life story in the Quran! Therefore, THE QURAN DOES NOT MAKE SENSE WITHOUT THE HADITHS AS SUPPORTING TEXTS.
  • If you do factor the Hadiths in your interpretation then a lot of the things Islam is considered barbaric for are accounted for. For instance, stoning of gays and adulterers, the killing of apostates, Sharia law... Female Genital Mutilation is not accounted for but is an African ritual that somehow got mixed in with this, from what I understand. Halal meat is one I have yet to look into, an especially interesting subject because of things I have already mentioned.
Muhammed started a very war mongering empire. There is more I must know and understand to back some of this up... But so far, it does not look good. There is little that can excuse the mindless barbarity that is in these texts. The texts were apparently borrowed from Christian (biblical) traditions that could account, in full, for some of the nice and profound sounding words within the texts.

It seems like it has been inspired from the beginning by negative entities. I suspect also that the Ishaq texts are legitimate and the terror Muhammed felt when he first met the 'angel' that transcribed the texts to him was also legitimate. Muslim scholars have been caught in incorrectly transcribing the original texts, adding 'say' to make it seem as though text was always from Allah not Muhammed as the Quran is stated to be. Modern translations especially so.  

It seems likely to me that the orthodoxy of Muslims who fanatically follow Muhammed would not want to acknowledge Ishaq's texts. I do not believe the modern Western scholars can penetrate this deliberate deceit. In general, hidden lies can create a wholly incorrect impression, and can very easily, and almost unconsciously in some cases, be uttered.

One of the sources that I originally dismissed as being too against Islam to be unbiased, I have found to be very good on a closer reading. Because EVERYTHING is referenced, and it is written with fastidious detail, the writing style is compassionate and reasonable, and does not seem to make claims where there are none.

The woman who appears to have written it boasts of having de converted more than 12,000 Muslims, it seems highly likely to me that she is on a positive soul mission. She is doing what she is meant to be doing!

The site is '' and although videos like Sye Ten Atheist have vulgar jokes and a very working class style, they are actually very well sourced and humorously reasonable to fit into the story with the facts given. I like quoting Sye's videos and knowing SJW's will underestimate my intelligence when I do so. It is a perfect sheild!

So there we have it... The negative have had to have been up to something. This does not feel comfortable but seems to be the only reasonable conclusion I can draw at this point.

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