Tuesday, 13 September 2016

September 11th, and the devil.

I read a book, which I picked up to one of the strongest right ear ringings I've ever had, called the sociopath next door by Martha Stout. She talked about how she got a sensation/ voice after September 11th 2001 about the twin towers event: 'Satan laughing, spreads his wings.'

Conspiracy theorists in general have noticed that the smoke coming out of the twin towers at one point resembles a devils face. Also, some of these conspiracy theorists would point at the 'Illuminati' for these crimes, that are linked in the same circles to devil worship.

Stefan Molyneux, not one I would expect to use symbology of Christianity, talked about hell appearing on September 11th in a recent video.

... and what is it that the devil is, what effect does that energy have?

Mostly, it has the effect of throwing people off their paths. Their life paths. Because the negative acts like a thief, it has rejected its life path, in many cases long, long ago; so it exists by stealing and messing up other peoples life paths.

The people that died that day were not meant to have died, the wars that happened from that event further caused rifts in peoples life paths. The path they would take if they were happy and motivated.

So if you think about how many people in the Middle East that is effecting? The ripples are endless all over the world.

It makes me think of how incarnation is decided as well. People have a positive plan for their life, and, in my view, some of us have other plans, backup plans we try and sort out if things go wrong. Natal Chiron may have something to do with this in my view.

Perhaps this is why the speaking event billed as Nigel Farage's last as a leader of UKIP, has 666 in the phone number. UKIP exists wholly to oppose those forces that put people off their life plan, so it is in itself less to do with anyones real life plan and is part of all of our 'adaption'. (But which is positively related to the system as a whole, if UKIPpers are kind of like white blood cells throwing off the parasites.)

It does make me wonder at the thing involved in setting us all on our life plans... But I don't know if that will happen. If things go bad enough and the machines stopping ascension get switched off early then it's time to pack up and go home, regardless of if your job here is anywhere near completed. We will have to possibly re- do it somewhere else!


The government has rejected remainers continued attempt to stop Brexit, the MP's are not getting a vote...


Now David Cameron is getting pressure over Libya. Libya is a sad case indeed! It is proof power is shifting away from the cabal.

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