Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Basic little things.

I'm growing a bit bored of the regressive/ liberal left. I used to get in the occasional internet discussion with them and it was interesting, at the same time as discussing an important issue. But, now it's getting boring dealing with them.

Yesterday, I was just staring at the 'skittles' tab on twitter. Donald Trump Junior Re tweeted a post about 'Syrian refugees', if three of these skittles were poisoned would you take a handful? The left are all up in arms about that but... Doesn't it just feel like the social commentary is getting a bit... Well, crap really!

I didn't agree with the post because most of the refugees are not Syrian, in fact, less than 20%. But pretending you don't understand a metaphor like that to make a political point is just pathetic. Metaphor is in my bones and blood. I've spent hours writing lyrics and listening to Bob Dylan!

My notifications are also filled with people who are arguing the black lives matter case, which I am not able to produce information for on the spot but I know they don't have a case. Remainers telling me the referendum was 'advisory' and they would have had the same position if they had won (Yeah right!) And people fanatically up in arms because I told them Trump is going to win!


They are not going to be happy when Trump wins, neither are the Chinese with their ultra regressive governmental structure. But he is. Rather like the Brexit I feel myself getting excited about Trump now. November 8th... From memory is it 48 days? 47? For some reason this is more exciting than the various EU referendums. It is going to be unequivocable, perhaps that is why.

And the left are going to be very upset... Really upset, perhaps even violent! That is the icing on the cake!

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