Thursday, 29 September 2016

An answer to believing in a better world.

I have been thinking about this:

Cullen has done a truly impressive video here. It is funny when he tries to outline his ideal world using every word in the sociology of the alt right he can find. Overthinking. But it is a great video, with some real heart felt values.

It has put me into a larger perspective, something I am sort of always in but sort of never in. Today, I dealt briefly with a beautiful young girl who seems to give me positive attention. But whom I am reluctant to engage with for a lot of good reasons including a historical link to some sort of problem that can vaguely be defined as 'schizophrenia' that I feel I am always fighting back with pure will power.

This prevents happiness because to relax is to not be in control.

But even so, dealing with her briefly, and I am dealing with an intelligent soul, made me feel for a full few minutes, on an emotional level that things can be better.


Like in this video where it is pondered on, what would the world be like if there had been no EU? If the globalists had never gained a foothold? If feminism and sexual liberation had not destroyed the nuclear family? Well, it would be better. Are we in the parallel reality that went wrong? The one with sexy Willow?

We are in the reality we are in. Even though things are painful, to assume they have no meaning, or that the bad feelings have not happened for a reason I don't think is necessarily true. If you were to say to someone living in World War 2... Do you want to exit now and go and live in a world more to your liking? Perhaps where there had never been a war?... It is a similar question that if someone asked you a few years ago would you like to be zapped off the planet and free to pursue another life.

OK, perhaps yes, I cannot speak for everybody. But wouldn't there be something missing? Wouldn't you want to know how it would turn out? This novel you are halfway through, where there is a real threatening bad guy and your friends are in danger. Wouldn't it be good in some way to see the Nuremberg trials? Isn't the journey of being in a powerless position knowing the truth and seeing the good rise up and destroy the bad, and to get back in a just way the people that have wronged you or others. Is that not an interesting idea?

I have written before about how it seems to me that people who have personal darkness have aligned themselves with the SJW movement. A good example of this might be Alicia Machado:

There are plenty of times where subtle contempt and other such emotions are enacted, but there is no way to quite grab the person and shake them out of it because their holier than thou attitude cannot be penetrated.

One of these such times came for me when I was on an astrology forum. I was saying things that I felt were true, my truth and there was this one woman who would come in and apparently 'channel' information which was basically the opinion of her and others that I was rejecting. I do not believe all negativity should be explained away and we should be all feeling like we are 'learning lessons in love'. Which very conveniently exempts certain people from having to deal with certain, heartfelt and truthful perspectives.

This is the important part to this story and is one theme I have seen over and over again: When I returned to the forum months later, or perhaps even more than a year later. I tried to unset the weird way it had become. I tried to communicate an understanding that you have to start with reality, where things really are when looking at astrology, and only if you understand reality can you understand how the planets really relate to it. They were very insistent in the view that analysing astrology without any base of reference was the right way to go.

So one example is they would go on and on about this part of Donald Trump's chart means he is a liar. I said, well OK; if he is a liar can you actually prove a time when he lied!

It is not how I study astrology. Free will is fundamental to my understanding. Lying is outside an energetic reality anyway. The person then gave me eight or so examples and I took apart them masterfully (sometimes just with the word 'source?') and the person got really angry, he seemed to get increasingly humiliated. After many complaints the moderators threatened to ban me from the website and strategically deleted my posts so that it looked like during this scrap I was beaten by the other guys wisdom.

But, going back to why I started this, the woman above who had been patronising and channeling. She was a strong Hillary supporter by now. So this person had been sorted into a place where her inner life had been made manifest. When Donald Trump wins, she will begin to feel the karma.

There are many other examples. Including some very serious ones in my life where I do not know what manifestation the people who have wronged me will take, but I am confident there is one.

Another is perhaps a close friend. He has always had this superior idea about himself which has only been made stronger under the current pressure. Part of this is that he is always right. When I have talked with him before about stocks and stuff he has insisted on his own viewpoint with no evidence to back it up at all. Only telling me I am wrong because I am wrong. That's it. Not even agreeing to disagree. I remembered he had some problem with that as well. (Maybe he intuitively knew he wasn't disagreeing because he wasn't actually saying anything).

This has always been a thing with him. There has always been a part of him that puts me (and others) down and assumes they are inferior. An example of this is when I was trying very hard to look for jobs, very hard, the stress was grinding every day. He told me he believed I was just lazy and not being able to find a job was 'like a fat person who can't stop eating'. (*Shock horror* he ended the friendship when I got a job!)

I had always planned that when I succeeded in life he would not be able to do this. You cannot take this tone if your friend is going from success to success on his 'life path'.

This persons attitude is one outlined by Mike Adams. This friend fits Adams definition of a liberal. He plans, if things financial- collapse and get bad to come round and steal from (or, god forbid, plead with!) me. This will all be justified in a way I know. Because I am inferior to him in some way, in his view, he must guide me to have the morally correct choice.

But, if a stock crash did happen and there was a need for prep. I'm getting a machete soon! (Hopefully not too late with Deutsche bank likely to continue it's collapse tomorrow) I have other weapons. I am getting creative there. So, against all the odds in a very powerful, material way, this strong belief he and others have that I am naturally inferior to them will be directly disproven. He was not right, in fact he was wrong, in a very provable and obvious way. And various self defense devices mean that any position of strength from him cannot be used to take the moral high ground and feel himself to be right. Hypocritically discarding any deeper thought on the subject.

These are just examples. But what I am saying, and what the last example shows. Is that the little inner tendency to put others down when a greater understanding is not explained made explicitly clear, and perhaps even then; is unlikely to have ever been challenged in a more positive world. We are in this situation we are in and the grit it gives us gives us something unique, which we will not likely get elsewhere.

This, on a larger scale, might be very interesting. All those falsely accusing others of rape suddenly getting their comeuppance. All those passive- feminists whom do things that are just too subtle to really be addressed may suddenly find themselves in a situation where the state does not protect them, and they have to see the results of being a horrible person. Or simply feel the result of suddenly being very dependent on strong men. Many atheists, hard Darwinist weed smoking slackers suddenly having to confront they did not do their due diligence on Darwin (in my understanding!) It will be fun.

Perhaps it is not everything, perhaps it is not even honourable. But I think, it is good to watch the liberal/ SJW whinos be put through their paces!

Will we value these experiences in the time to come?

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