Saturday, 17 September 2016

Two points, yesterdays eclipse and Trump.

Wow, I am not feeling one hundred percent, taken sleeping tablets again, herbal ones, but I can't remember something immediately after I read it and am having strange thoughts of defeatism... Weird!

However, I have partially solved this I think. Perhaps the reason I am having difficulty sleeping is allergies, dust. Need to clean up my living space a bit!

Anyway, two points:

The First is that the energy feels like it shifted after yesterday and the full moon. Nicola Sturgeon is being beaten back, there has recently been the longest lightning strike ever seen, two miles.

Yesterdays full moon was not a regular full moon but an eclipse, the last one of the year... End of Pisces... Seems significant.

I have dates on Italian referendum, November 16 - December 16. The Hungary referendum is October 2nd. This is exciting!

Second point is yesterday, a fun political event happened. Donald Trump tricked the mainstream media into going to an event where they were expecting news on the 'birther' movement. Something to do with Barack Obama's birth certificate. They went and it was a long line of veterans making speeches, receiving medals and praising Trump. The journalist, being dull stupid creatures, then aggressively complained revealing what assholes they are as people.

Then, late last night at 1am American time, he retweeted on his twitter a Washington Post article saying 'this was the greatest trick Trump ever pulled'. Fantastic, epic... Just epic!

This is nearly as good as the time Nigel Farage talked about health tourism live on the BBC... 'Shock and awful' as it was called, but still... True!

This is great stuff. I just hope I can sort out my own personal life to keep up with the energy!

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