Sunday, 4 September 2016

Some sort of parallel universe.

Not a real parallel universe mind you, and this blog is out there enough I might be talking about a real parallel universe if the term 'parallel universe' is in the title! Rather, a metaphorical parallel universe.

Here's the new Paul Joseph Watson video:

We're in this twilight zone at the moment, where the false narrative has lost so much credibility but is still being put forward by the media's position of power. Today, we have news on an MP called Keith Vaz, that seems like a nasty character, and possibly a paedophile. News on him has been blanked by the BBC and Sky, which have not mentioned the Mirror front page today.

This pattern stretches into our daily lives. There are times when someone decides something from their emotional preference of the situation and this is simply the stated truth that is not to be questioned. But, it is not clear where it comes from, it seems to be picked out of the sky like something in Alice and Wonderland. We are forced, through the differences in power, to accept an irrational judgement!

It becomes even weirder when there is more than one person that has this judgement that appears to come from nowhere, and furthermore, when groups of people simply emotionally acknowledge or feel this judgement and you are made to comply without knowing really what you are complying with.

This reality is very strong. As the stock market stays up against any rational reason for doing so. It will continue. When it does come down or something does change then these people's realisation they are not correct will be traumatic. I have written about this 'emotional preference' before.

This is connected to the normal political problem. Whereby someone brings up a problem that is legitimate, for example, the rape of young girls in Rotherham. Then someone brings this up as a problem, this person is expressing 'truth'.

Then, the consensus decides this person is simply an 'Islamophobe' and considers their protestations as automatically invalid... This is the high market.

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