Thursday, 30 June 2016

British "politics".

It's all gone mad. I'll keep it brief on British Politics:

It has been so hectic this morning everything I say will be out of date... Broadly, both mainstream political parties, the ruling party and the opposition, are having leadership quarrels.

It seems to me on a very fundamental level there is a breakdown of the old order. Benjamin Fulford writes that the top levels of power are unsure what to do, and some countries are actively making movements away from the EU since it is simply not as powerful as it was. Englands internal political strife is also met by that drunken, but somewhat inert, tyrant Juncker not really knowing what to do either.

This is important in my view:

There are lots of hidden subtleties in this chart.

We are at the end of a moon cycle. Usually this is a fairly quiet time but because the cycle itself delivered such powerful events, we are still reeling. The closing moon though is in a grand trine including Pluto, North Node, and Jupiter. this may be reflecting the current situation.

This is the new moon on July 4th and while the last one was opposing Saturn, and we now have a breaking of Saturns misdirected discipline. The next one will be opposing Pluto, which delivers news of all sorts of nastiness most people can't even imagine! (... and continues to link to current events through Jupiter - North node conjunction)

(It really is mad; new news is coming out about British politics on twitter, which I should probably have closed before writing this.)

So, these are interesting times. One last note is this:

The Economic Collapse Blog: What Is The Government Preparing For?

This made me a little down in the morning and perhaps it is that doomsday kind of thing that positively orientated messages warn us about... However, if there was a time this would happen it would be now. I am again thinking of extending my prep a little. No one really knows at the moment do they?

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