Friday, 17 June 2016

Jo Cox... and the 'market'.

So this was my blog on the Orlando attack:
I have shown this previously on this blog for several terrorist attacks being turning points in the market, pulling it up when it looked like it was about to plunge. 
This however, is not true at the moment. The market is tumbling. Futures of the FTSE are down -45 and DOW - 55.
However, now with the murder of Jo Cox, the market is turning:

Here is my blog charting it for the two French attacks and the Brussels one:

33Phoenix: Brussels attacks.

It also disturbingly fits the narrative I outlined in 'my thoughts on the Orlando attack' because what I said there was that they were killing people who were liberal, fighters for their own cause and naive and innocent (brainwashed)... So if there is any crash or things that happen unfavourably to cabal people they are telling us they will aim for the innocent...

Grim... Just grim!

However, I did like how Jeremy Corbyn has framed it very clearly to the powers that were that even though they have their pound of flesh the vote will not be stopped:
“Perhaps most important of all we should value and see as precious the democracy we have on these islands… We do have peace, we do have stability, we do have a measure of economic wellbeing better than other countries” 
“Where we see intolerance we must drive it out of public life and out of our communities… What we should do is that recognise that her values, service, community, tolerance, the values she lived and worked by, those are the values we need to redouble”. 
Mr. Corbyn said: “We need our whole society to be secure… She was a campaigner for human rights and justice all around the world… she was taken from us in an act of hatred… it is an attack on democracy what happened yesterday”. (My emphasis)

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