Friday, 24 June 2016

On the Chilean Miners Metaphor... Feminism.

I have recently just put this together about the Chilean Miners accident metaphor I had previously talked about here, (nestled about halfway down the page!)

To expand on this, I remember that David Cameron was the person who gifted the Phoenix capsule to the rescue effort. At the time I always got confused about what that meant, since David Cameron is a paid up member of the cabal and represented them in Indonesia.

BUT, he has been the one to offer this referendum. Which might be seen as the 'capsule' almost... Even?

Also, the Chilean miners were culturally very Hispanic. The referendum may, may collapse the banking system and free the Hispanic world under the EU's control.

Crazy SJW's

Well, for hours now #notmyvote has trended. A lot of Social Justice Warriors are saying that it is not their vote to leave the EU, and they are more entitled to vote than the elderly for 'reasons'; that the referendum should be overturned.

Parody? Unfortunately not... They have been endlessly vicious in expressing this perspective:

This one I find doubtful... The vote was very close and the young are statistically least likely to vote. It is not a huge leap to say they probably did not vote this election and if they had've they would've changed the vote.

And on and on, it was probably started by this chart:

This is vicious, it is nasty, because they didn't get the vote they want they're hating on the older generation essentially. They have no respect for freedom and have started a petition to re do the referendum, on top of having already tried to stop the last one happening through petition.

I've been thinking this whole thing, right back into the remain brainwashing, owes its activity to feminism. We have previously seen from Paul Joseph Watson how daycare creates the tantrum like behaviour of the Social Justice Warriors.

I wonder where the mother of these children were... They have been obviously been taught by the state to rely on the state so that's what they are doing. Rather than their biological mother. It is the woman that creates the emotional gel in the family and makes sure the young children meet up with their grandparents every so often.

But our society is disconnected, this is not happening.

So that's why we have these confused and aggressive young people. Supporting the state. Because as David Rockerfeller said directly to Alex Jones... Get the children into school earlier... Indoctrinate them!

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