Wednesday, 22 June 2016

EU ref, middle of the night. Polls open in four hours.

Lightning just flashed outside. It has been doing that a while.

After one of my previous blogs entitled 'Jo Cox and the market'. Linking all these false flags with her "murder", it started raining as I was writing and thundering a few minutes later. I wondered if lightning, as a metaphor, is back?

This is from a post that came up on twitter today, it is a picture of lightning strikes, where they are tonight:

As a metaphor, that's unreal! It is separating the UK from the rest of Europe.

Make of it what you will. (Sounds like lightning just stopped as I wrote that)

It strikes me though that some of the people voting out though are simply doing it for their own reasons and are not doing it with a view based on deeper things. I just talked to someone like that on twitter, a girl who reacted negatively when I talked about feminism in a less than glowing light. (Complete with hysterical accusations (SJW's always project!), and a dislike of having facts pointed out).

This is neither here nor there. Just that, to me if we are going for full disclosure I want as many people who are really tuned in as possible. I don't want a half ran solution!

Anyway, Davey Cameron has probably had his day if the vote is leave, his autopsy has already begun:

"Anybody who has any knowledge of this debate has known for years that being in the European Union means free movement of people, and the prime minister must have known." 
"If he didn't, then frankly he's just not being very bright. It would be impossible to meet his claim. 
"He's got a track record of saying one thing, in the full knowledge that he can't or won't deliver. When's he going to stop fibbing to the British people?"
So if you consider what is likely to happen now IF leave win (I couldn't offer too much faith there because that will sting if it doesn't happen!) It will be the libertarians, what is the true right wing burrowing into the Cameron government and making them pay essentially, removing them from power.

The liberal lefts solution in dealing with such problems is to shout everyone down as racist and have the left win elections based on voting patterns which don't show up in real life. The (dysfunctional) female perspective is being forced out, and the free market is returning.

Angela Merkel is being rejected and her motherhood pretence, and Hillary Clinton (whom Donald Trump blames almost solely for Da'esh... Interesting!) is also seeing the end of her professional days.

Things are looking up. I wonder how well I'm going to be able to sleep? Between now and when the results become known. Not likely that well. Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow, and if not, I'll see you sometime after that!

Interesting also, how many other countries want their own EU referendums now... I bet they are all looking at us with the wish that we leave, so the whole disasterous thing comes down. I would hate for it to be someone else who was voting rather than me on this... It would be uncomfortable. So I do sympathise.

There is no other democratic way that change can happen until 2020 in England. So this is all to play for! Otherwise, we will be watching the EU crumble and be having nothing to do with it. An effect of circumstance, not a participant!

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