Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Keeping the faith?

Wow, I've just had a sleeping session that feels more like 'coma' than 'sleep'.

In Benjamin Fulfords most recent update, he has talked about how Deutsche bank is very close to failing so the Chinese have bailed it out.

This offers a different pattern than the one some of us were expecting. It was my understanding that an economic crash was the big thing in these events.

However, China has stopped it in this case, and it is likely that any further economic turmoil will be bailed out by China as well. For instance, Italy is now struggling with the euro.

But rather than there being an economic crash like David Wilcock was told, the game seems to be to keep the threat of economic collapse happening while the politics changes. Meaning that the overthrow is happening in a less traumatic way... (This of course assumes China et al. have this capability, and since they are allied with some powerful entities this is a good bet.)

I'll still be keeping my prep!

34 referendums have now been called within EU countries, and many of these by either the party in power or one that isn't but is very high in the polls. Italy is having economic trouble. However, will likely be solving this by coming out of the EZ by referendum rather than crashing!

In England it is looking OK. Nigel Farage and David Cameron are saying the same things. Was David Cameron never that bad? Was he just being threatened through it all? Or has he been swayed by Nigel Farage's tendency to be magnanimous in victory?

Either way, it is all looking good it just isn't looking the way I had thus far planned for it to happen. There will likely not be another economic crash!

One other point (In relation to the Chilcot enquiry out next Wednesday). I have had dreams many years ago explaining that Tony Blair is a big part of all this. He still influences the Labour party. He still goes for meetings there. After he is gone there might be some room for some real change. My local MP is a Blairite and I will vote against that man in any new General Election! As I imagine will a lot of the country.

The dream more specifically said that Tony Blair is metaphorical for the negative beings that take people off their path. As he gets arrested peoples paths will start to slip back. (Because the negative stealing resources mean they can't organically go elsewhere so people can't do their paths, also as things fix both people will get resources for doing their true path and they will not get resources for not doing so.)

Jeremy Corbyn's followers in my opinion are responding to a kind of inner survival mechanism. That some experience as libertarianism and conspiracy theory. Survival perhaps for the less aware! The emotional impact that Tony Blair had was quite awful. I remember my mother being so happy in 1997 for the election of that bastard that then went on to betray us all! He was quite charming back in the day.

My apologies for not including a few pictures and linking to a few articles here. I had forgot to set my alarm and I am rushing to get to work on time!

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