Tuesday, 7 June 2016

EU ref diary -15 and intersectional feminism,.

Well, today I had two ideas that seemed completely separate. Then they suddenly converged as I sat down to write this, which is a hint there is some sort of guidance here!:

Let's start with this:

Summarised this states that SJW's are the daycare generation that grew up with one stressed out social worker splitting attention between 30 kids, which means the kids had to throw a tantrum to get attention, which is what they do now. (The girl on the right in this video picture looks like a barrel of laughs!)

The Vote Remain campaign has been signing up hundreds of young activists who want to vote 'remain' (and get that mother love of Mutti Merkel?) This could apparently swing the vote. My cousin is 19 and is signed up to vote, I doubt he will go along with the liberal left view because he has had proper parenting and doesn't knee jerk react like that!

Perhaps it's a good move. But I don't know whether the younguns will be able to pull themselves away from Glastonbury if this all goes down. Young people are statistically less likely to vote by quite a margin if it rains!

What I wanted to say on feminism though is that I am thinking of writing a whole piece on it, although I'm not sure I need to that has been done by other! There is a lot that stands against the feminist world view... 

Here are some sources:

On the wage gap, this woman makes very, very good points:

... and endless talks by Milo. There is nowhere really feminists can hide after a proper assault on their ideas/ whiny complaints. They can perhaps try domestic abuse, but the stats say that there is a large domestic abuse problem of women hitting men that feminists are deliberately ignoring, and many other sets of information that destroys whatever argument they may want to pull.

The goal of feminism is clearly that women can act however they want and then if someone gets upset at their behaviour and hence aggressive toward them they can shout 'victim' and be protected by the state for their actions

This is just a very basic link to sources!

Now, the world has moved into a place where sociologically, if a woman cries victim, (which is what feminism essentially is), she is free from consequences. For instance, Michelle Fields tried to destroy a mans career and his life for political agendas. She falsely claimed he assaulted her! Has she had any negative repercussions from her behaviour?... The girl should be in jail.

There are other examples. For instance, Stefan Molyneux in one of his videos talks about a man named Tyler Cash who was accused by a bunch of women together of rape even though, on social media they have admitted they were never touched by him and wanted to 'teach him a lesson' because he is a lads lad! He's been in jail for about six months.

In India a man named Gomeshi was accused of rape by several women together that turned out to be fraudulent.

Thus far there have been no consequences to any of these women for their false accusations. 

Now that's obviously not right (including that the women who caused long term psychological damage to children by advocating daycare instead of healthy mothering also deserve some consequence) and I do believe this will change as the Libertarian movement moves forward and this all unravels, there will be consequences for such women!

As the free market takes over from any potential Brexit vote we might see some of these consequences. Plus a different view of law and order in general.

If we vote Bremain... I have been counting the bad consequences here:

A) Greece is a problem again in July
B) Spain is suddenly a new problem and public spending is being offered by the likely elected president in June.
C) The ECB will pass a new budget.
D) The migrant crisis has become such a problem that it needs many, many millions more.
E) The stock market and global economy is still a massive problem.

So who knows? Hopefully I will be OK if we do vote Bremain!

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