Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Breaking down the EU referendum as an astrological function.

So, it's all about Saturn, the whole game we are on at the moment, to me at least.

The negative here has a lot of mythology involving Saturn. That deity that ate his own children. Saturn is important to the whole global game because it is the planet that can be twisted into tyranny.

The 'discipline' of Saturn is a force that pushes in force no matter what. It disciplines and strangles if need be. On the positive it works to keep us on the path... However the negative twists it to keep everyone else on their path.

So the Thatcher Era, between two opposing ideals, Uranus and Saturn, or two differing Uranus and Saturns.

When I talk to people sometimes I realise they are not going to talk on a certain level (though I might enjoy their company fine), these are things to do with the psychic, metaphysical and psychological. There are also subtle behaviours that acknowledge these realities.

This might be seen in someone that does not think about anything outside the atheist worldview. This is Saturn as it is at the moment. Using a belief system to stop the revealing of truth (religious including atheism) and locking out personal truth, psychic ability and subconscious realisations. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Obviously, this is part of my new realisation here, what Saturn is really about on a societal level is law and order. It is almost precisely law and order. So obviously, with the Cologne incident where the 'far right' were standing up for their society and police made it difficult for them while rapefugees are given free reign, this is anti Saturn and is perhaps quite directly related to keeping people's psychic abilities/ realisations etc. down.

The way this perhaps works is through politics. I have just seen that polling says that almost zero white men like Hillary Clinton. This makes you realise that the political establishment cannot have too many people running around who are sensible enough to vote against her, and is perhaps why 'white men' are targeted. Which is what the police in Cologne are targeted for.

So that's what it's about. Law and order! Perhaps consequence in general. When Saturn slips and Uranus et al. power through then the negative Saturn is broken and perhaps Saturn is injured in that? And is then nourished by those planets in a new direction? Or is it that Saturn breaks down first and lets the other through? Either/ or I suppose, the Free market could be described as Uranian.

This has moved my understanding forward and my ability to predict the future and cause and effect.

So Saturn is key here with this referendum. Not only to do with bureaucrats getting paid a great deal. But with the fact that when the referendum happens and Saturn is lifted, people will be confronted with realities beyond Saturn who would not have been used to them. Some of which will have aggressively fought these down. With words such as 'racist' etc.

VIX is up (very important and is a strong showing of potential downside, or upside!), banks firing. Bitcoin getting capital flight from China. Smart money clearly dumped on Dow today. It seems to me increasingly likely we will see some downside soon.

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