Sunday, 26 June 2016

Why Finance is not omnipotent.

Financial manipulation.

So, I wanted to explain something about financial manipulation.

Many people in the alternative media seem to think that the stock market is so completely rigged that the 'cabal' control every move.

I do not believe this one bit, I will explain why.

Essentially, the way a democracy has worked for years, is that the government tells stupid people how to think. If people do what they are told, as they almost always have thus far, the system all works fine; the body snatcher government is elected, the rights are taken away slowly. Wahoo for the bad guys.

But if, for whatever reason something unpredictable comes along, like UKIP, then things get a bit more unpredictable and the body snatchers have to adapt, by having to conciliate a bit of truth or freedom to people. Grudgingly.

The same thing I believe happens with finance. The reason finance works like it does and doesn't do that natural thing these corrupt institutions should do in a free market (collapse) is because the government, the federal reserve or whoever, rigs it. With crude ramps, with VIX rigging etc.

But if something unpredictable comes along, they are effectively screwed!

For instance, there has been talk recently that the cabal will be trying to punish England somehow due to the rejection of the EU at the referendum. While this may be true, evidence of this is more likely to be something like the ratings agencies taking the UK down a notch. The wobbles that followed the actual referendum itself were probably to do with banks taking their own exit polls, and getting the wrong answer, believing it will be remain. Then when it was leave dumping their positions... A very hysterical and organic process which is nothing to do with manipulation and all to do with self preservation.

Conservative leadership, EU referendum

Like out of a script of some sort of dark comedy, it is now clear that Boris Johnson is pro immigration... PRO IMMIGRATION. Which is no doubt why he and others are saying we will remain part of the single market.

This is utterly ridiculous, he won the referendum on the basis of stopping unskilled immigration. I suppose though, to be honest he didn't win did he? To make matters even more stupid Theresa May, who is REMAIN, is running against him on the basis he is pro immigration and she is anti... I for one prefer May!

I can't bring words at how ridiculously stupid and hypocritical this all is.

I do think the way this whole things works in the grand scheme is that people, both positive and negative are trapped in kind of immobile life situations, and given very simple choices. The people who have at least some negative leaning, people I might consider like Boris Johnson, are then trapped into doing things that are good (or perhaps saying they will do things that are good) even though they would not choose to if they had power over their situations.

Vote Leave had locked themselves into a situation where if they lost the referendum they were going to be out of a job so they went with the immigration argument even though they need butlers and reasons to pay the working class as little as possible.

Now what's happening is the EU leaders are pushing for the Conservative leadership election to be gotten on with. Perhaps that is because if they had a proper leadership election David Davis might get in?

If they have a general election, and these peoples first enemy is democracy so I doubt it... But if they did have one and it wasn't rigged. UKIP are going to wipe these people off the map.

Trying to blame Nigel Farage for the lies of vote leave wasn't going to work, people are getting wise to these peoples games.

I can't wait for the Benjamin Fulford update today. Even though he may or may not focus on the referendum. Some clarity at the moment would be good!

Lol @ Spain! They still don't have a government. No one got a majority in yesterdays election.

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