Friday, 24 June 2016

So, the Eu ref happened!

And the synchronicities were right!

What is clear now is that:

A) Boris signed a letter backing David Cameron just before the vote, apparently he thought he was going to lose:

Daily Mirror: 86 Tory Brexit MPs sign letter saying David Cameron should remain Prime Minister - whatever EU Referendum result

Notably not on this list are the people with some backgone. I.e. David Davis, Peter Bone and Bill Cash.

B) Michael Gove (another Vote Leaver) is pushing the idea that we might not even set off article 50 for another two years. Because before then we would be engaging in bureaucracy. At which point article 50 would then take another two years. At any point we could have another referendum on the new 'terms'.

This is obviously a stitch up. I can't describe the dislike I have for Vote Leave... Obviously, their focus is not to get us to leave but to keep Farage down and that's been their only focus.

Markets fell initially, Dow is currently 384 points down and this is the FTSE:

So basically on the initial 'Oh god is it all over' the markets dumped a bit and then everybody realised nothing is actually happening. There are political movements, Cameron says he is resigning, Corbyn is having a leadership challenge. But nothing is happening on the EU ref (Corbyn may challenge that).

But essentially, all that and now it may not happen. The parliament is under no legal pressure to withdraw from the EU. It's only the will of the people after all. Many other countries are talking about having their own referendum now including Italy, most prominently.

Whatever happens next though is anyone's guess. But after the Federal Reserve said they would raise rates in December, they never did so. I suspect this is more of the same.

Personal matter:

While perusing the endless nasty young SJW's (who are taking their anger out on the elderly in a very self entitled way) I came across this:

My responses to this, in my mind not tweeted, were too dirty. Disappointing sexually, failed a level makes her a hooker etc. Because of this I am going to delete the collection of pornographic gifs I sometimes collect (which I started a few days ago). I do think the dirt from them reflects into real life and lowers my vibration.

I include this because spirituality is an important part of this blog and my life. I do believe strongly in this kind of self improvement.

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