Tuesday, 14 June 2016

8 days.... 8 days!!! 8 DAYS!!!

Not that long.

As I have summarised before it's likely to me from the astrology that the campaigning will essentially have no more effect after the coming Sunday (the new moon) and that when the vote does actually happen, everyone will already know the outcome and will just be going through the motions.

The observation of campaigning is basically over for me. I'm starting to not be quite so interested and starting to look more at finance red flags again. No doubt I will blog about the area but it feels as though the energy is running low and there is not much more to say.

This I found interesting:

Daily Express: Orlando shooter 'was a REGULAR at gay club he attacked & contacted men on gay dating app'

Well that's an unexpected surprise!

It could be that the shooter had absolutely no problem with gays at all, and that what the parents have been saying is just lies. Perhaps to hide extremism in their own household.

The Orlando shooter obviously made no statements of why he was doing what he was...

It is interesting to me how much the liberals are now screwed by this development! It definitely builds on my comment on the subject here. Owen Jones is now looking very foolish.

Anyway, back to EUref.

Looking back on the referendum, one of the big moments to me was when George Galloway was put up as a speaker in a Grassroots out event by Farage and I suspect, is a big part of the reason the EU ref has not been held back by some of those leftists. Everyone, the pro Farage and anti Farage, knew Nigel took a hit on that one... Even Raheem was not supportive of him over that!

But 8 days! Next week at this moment it will be something like one day, 22 hours and 56 minutes! A day later we will just be down to hours!

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