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So, David Wilcocks facebook post.

I will have to write on here in the future, rather than anywhere near anything to do with David Wilcock. Since my last two posts weren't allowed on Bring4th, there is no function to comment on his facebook. Therefore, I will have to blog any comments that I want to say!: 

Here is David Wilcocks recent facebook post:

My mother just wrote me and asked me if I had been hacked! Nope, it's me, sorry Mom. Since there has been so much confusion and misunderstanding, let me clear this up. 
I am about to head off to the Contact in the Desert conference immediately after getting back from Canada. It's exhausting to have two big trips back to back. Never even unpacked the suitcase. Needed to replenish food supplies and do laundry before I leave. 
I had a major talk with the founder and head of Ancient Aliens yesterday. This all started with emails that exchanged in Canada. He was explaining to me that the show is extremely popular. There were some surprising things he said that let me know that some of the most significant public figures out there are watching. 
I explained in detail that I have PTSD from being a public figure, as anyone does beyond a certain point, and "do not want to be a celebrity." He was telling me it was already too late for that. Nonetheless I do very few events and try to keep a low profile. This event coming up is the biggest and longest one I ever do now. 
It was very strange that just hours later, soon after I went into the health food store, this person who is a major celebrity among the youth -- Kim Kardashian's half-sister Kylie Jenner, daughter of Caitlyn Jenner -- walks in, makes eye contact with me as soon as she enters, walks right up to me (passing a whole bunch of useful stuff in the store across 100 feet) and stands a foot away from me, wherein she starts mirroring my behavior of testing avocados. 
This was very unusual behavior. We started making small talk about them and her affect clearly seemed to indicate that she recognized me from the show, as after all this time it is easy to tell the difference. Nowadays I get recognized at least once no matter where I go. Most people are usually cool and it's no big deal. 
Frankly the whole thing did freak me out and feel extremely bizarre, though I did not write it up in so many words last time. Given what I just heard on the phone, it WAS a very strange synchronicity in light of the timing. I did NOT make any effort to get in contact with her, and am well aware that a significant number of people are highly against her family and their constant saturation in the media. 
Since this was so strange I felt like the best move was to publicize it rather than hide it. The dream I had this morning was very intense and I am still writing it down. From what I can tell, last night's event was at least partly intended to be a synchronistic "warning shot" that I am about to get thrown to the wolves like she is. 
I have had many dreams indicating that this will happen and they have used some of the most visible and in some cases reviled celebrities. Given the updates I am about to release from the SSP Alliance, I do wonder if we are on the brink of a 9/11-scale event, only something that will not necessarily be negative and could lead to very significant changes. 
My dream did strongly suggest the Cabal is backed into a corner and will be forced to release apology and reconciliation payments to the people they have harmed for generations. Again, it was very intense and involved a person symbolizing their leader crying in front of me. 
So, this event may have been another of many "heads up" events telling me this whole sequence I have been warned about for so long may be getting ready to happen. I am not at all looking forward to being that public, and I did consider that this might have been the last time I could have a relatively anonymous vacation! 
Oh well. I think many of you missed the point and the deeper implications of why I bothered to write about it, so here we are. 
Flame away! LOL

So, to me the symbology of this is different to Davids.

Kylie Jenner, though this is only a guess, is probably fifth density. Otherwise it would be unlikely for her to drop into the middle of all this symbolism as though she were some piece of dream imagery.

This is Kylie Jenner (I had to google her, never heard the name before):

Now, since I am quite into the lower chakras with all this Libertarian and Feminism angle, I will explain the theories I have been coming up with.

This girl is obviously, symbolically of the tribe, one of the women whose function is as an oven. David Wilcock has been showing use to the tribe for a long time now and before recently was shunned. However, now he is moving more into the mainstream because people cannot discount his value anymore! (Given the updates I am about to release on the alliance!)

The tribe I think works like this. The women are valued and protected because ovens are valueable and while a man can impregnate many females a woman cannot have multiple babies at the same time... However, men are not COMPLETELY disposable as I had thus far thought. If a man is showing strong value to the tribe he must be hooked into some sort of loyalty to it! Because otherwise, there is absolutely no reason for him to continue working for it and not to turn against it since he is the one capable of independence and power. Also, the loyalty has to include an emotional dimension, because even in todays society an offer of resources might be enough (money). In tribal terms there has to be an emotional loyalty. 

This really explains to a large extent the libertarian movement and many of the anti establishment movements. The liberal left want everyone enslaved, forcibly to their tribe. However, the establishment just isn't giving enough back, so many people are rebelling against it. To which the left responds with emotional blackmail and attempts to twist the tribes instinct to protect women in the area of deceptive, tyrannical agendas.

I worked on this theory a little in the last place where I mentioned that I had been invited to a party and then lied to and told it was not on when in fact it was. My response to that was to go along, be pleasant but noticeably avoid attempt at communication. Very relaxedly, just when people are talking wander off and sit by the steps until we go onto the next thing. When I have something to do, don't sit on a table next to someone and chat while I do it, find another workspace complete it and hand the work in afterward.

This is something you have to do when people are being in some way unpleasant (unpleasantness happened in more than one way.) It does not mean whenever I am not talking to people I am doing this but this was noticeable because I had a connection with these people, the connection which lead them to invite me to the party in the first place. I could not really avoid doing this either, if people have shown negative intention then you don't carry on trying to create connection! You can't, because you don't know why they have blocked you off and under what circumstances it is OK to try and create a connection!

The response I got to this however was FEAR... I remembered a quite strong emotional reaction from a fairly small change in behaviour over this. If a person stops trying to create a connection and shows little emotional warmth this person is very dangerous to the tribe. Which is why the tribe experiences a lot of anxiety if this starts to happen. It often happens if the tribe has no way to offer a way to keep emotional connection because A) The 'oven', single women, are kept away or B) The women involved are not very nice -- Because the tribe has not done the necessary work of policing the neuroticism.

This is interesting. It further explains the way the world works at the moment in my opinion.

What is also interesting in David Wilcocks post is when he said the cabal will be forced to make reparations and payments. This somewhat jibes with Benjamin Fulfords post that there is going to be some sort of New World Order with all sorts of nasty people. Such as Angela Merkel, Hitlers daughter! I'm thinking the implication is that these people will be in positions of power and forced to do nice things. This is kind of ironic, how the negative are maintaining their positions of power even as the situation becomes worse and worse for them... I.e. David Camerons debate yesterday. 

Finance is looking serious... The yeild curve has flattened the most in 9 years. That is SERIOUS. Smart money has sold off for 18 consecutive weeks. It might all look quiet but it most certainly isn't!

Zerohedge: Dip-Buyers Panic Bid Stocks As Yield Curve Crashes To 9 Year Lows

There is of course a lot more going on on the spiritual level that is not to do with these tribal kinds of patterns. It is relevant but not everything.

Migration then would have the effect of lessening the predicament of the leftists and rabid feminists in this example. If you have a surplus of labour, a surplus of tribal members, it is highly likely that you will not need to give a lot of emotional energy/ resources to the few that are there. So it's depression of wages phenomena.

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