Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Response to attack.

This is definitely going to be one of the weirder posts I have ever written.

Now that's saying something considering I have written at length about lightning strikes that herald huge sociological changes!

However, June 7th is coming up, in relation to my last post as background, it was June 7th two years ago which was the date when deliberate attack came at me from the person talked about in that post. It's like a dark anniversary.

However, what is happening this June 7th? As though it was a belated response on some level... Donald Trump will be elected Republican Candidate.

Thinking of the people and things used to advance the cabal agenda recently... Angela Merkel is primary... She is the one ordering the EU about, she has an Illuminati bloodline. Hillary Clinton and ISIS... Going by it's CIA name!

Wow, just coming up on my twitter, this refugee/ migration thing is definitely an issue!

Also, we have the left wing, Goldman Sachs and the link to Global warming. Where no emotion is too neurotic and given more respect by the establishment... These things are all eminently female! ISIS being the ancient Egyptian healer, the 'refugee' crisis couched in a way of looking after the 'refugees' basically prioritising feminine goals over male sense.

In a fiction book I read by Peter V Brett, many things were correctly characterised in ways that are rarely spoken of in every day reality:

A) Some of the tribes in this book were Middle Eastern and were very war like. Sincerely believing in an afterlife that only comes if you die well in battle. One of the early things said about this tribe is that: 'Maybe they wouldn't be so violent if they didn't cover their women all the time'! Also about this tribe is that they follow their holy book and go and invade other places in order to fulfill a prophecy and copy a prophet!

B) Hidden in this society, the more Westernised portion. Was the fact that it was really women pulling the strings. It was really a matriarchy!

C) There was clear delineation between different negative densities as summised by the LoO. The negative entities had bred the humans and considered them their own property. One of the things Corey has talked about is things bred into our genetic structure like respect for authority and need to follow a leader! That was mentioned by Corey. The one mentioned in this book that I found very interesting was 'You have a weakness for your women, it is a failure carefully bred into your ancestors'... Food for thought!

I don't think B is the case here but there is an unmistakable dark feminine side to some of the patters of the negative atm.

But this was what I had in mind to say:

A while back I talked about how several synchronicities in relation to the Chilean Miners incident and me personally. Also a system of astrology called the Human Design Chart:

Chile: Where a star exloded rumoured to be the reason for the HDC, could only be seen from Chile.
33 People: 33 is the glyph for my coonscious sun, the most powerful point on the chart, for my Birthday:
August 5th: The day they got trapped down there.
Only 33 year old person there had within his name LoO contact's name.
And 69: Not really ever understood what this part of it means but took it as 69 the Cancerian glyph Carla Rueckert possibly. But that's kind of thing. And Session 69 talking about negative density!

However, Donald Trump is 69 years old! Which adds to this symbology of being lifted out the negative.

Donald has stood up against this feminism. What happened with Michelle Fields was very similar to what happened in a less serious way with me. The girl involved cried victim when she had no reason to do so and was simply attacking. What happened  with Michelle Fields though is that she betrayed, deliberately betrayed some very important people... She betrayed Breitbart! Breitbart like few other sources, and in contrary to political sources, seems to be able to harness real passion for the Libertarian cause in a way that few others can!

(On a brief humorous note a Gregory Mannarino video recently talked about the economy... The American has produced profits at a seven year low and stock market close to all time high's... Lol!)

This is all happening at the time of a sort of... Libertarian new moon, June 6th is the new moon that will carry the energy of the aspects we are now and soon to be experiencing over to the referendum.

Look at the Synchronicity here:

Daily Express: Donald Trump to visit UK on day of EU referendum result

Is this the Donalds way of symbolically saying he's involved somehow? That the crew he is backed by, his 'handlers', the Russians etc. are making sure it will not be rigged.

Seems fantastic but I just had to write that!

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