Thursday, 9 June 2016

EU ref - 12... First opening square.

This is what the planetwatch is for late Saturday/ early Sunday:

I have no idea what the Sun and Venus are doing in conjunction! Perhaps that is meaningful since I have that same conjunction (lol).

Anyway, the important point here is the moon, obviously the important planet when talking about a moon cycle, is conjunct the north node (a kind of vague focus on the future, like a magnet), Jupiter (an expansive present joy and/ or intensity) is also trine Pluto. Which is all the things that have happened with this global crash etc.

So, an intense emotional focus on the future bringing up all these things. Perhaps the 'referendum' will upset the markets or there will be some news at this time. Regardless, it is just an interesting occurence, nothing can be said for sure at this point!

Chiron Mars trine? Da'esh and news of their destruction? Mercury is going from practical daily reality into easy communication. I would say news on either the media corruption and/ or Russia and Da'esh highly likely on this day!

The Moon and North node is opposing Neptune. This says to me that the referendum area and thoughts of humanities future will be impacted by the strange UFO type areas but seemingly too hard to be relevant to. Seemingly in opposition to!

EU ref!

12 DAYS! Doesn't sound like much does it? I have one day of work today, two days off, and then probably five more days then I have a weeks paid vacation! 

Benjamin Fulford said something in his most recent blog I'm not sure I agree with: 
It is time to fundamentally change how we run this planet. The way to do this is to take the process of deciding what we do in the future out of the hands of privately owned central banks and into the hands of the people. The people and living creatures of this planet are running out of patience. The time for talk is over, the time for action has begun.
What's any different about these moments now that wasn't true 2 weeks ago? People have felt at their wits ends of patience for the current system for more than a year, and things are getting better with the EU referendum. But it does not mean things will really change! It is a process and, as far as I am aware, the universe will not say... 'Ok that's enough pain now!' There is no principle here, we're just rolling around in the mud!

On my twitter feed a post came up about a woman's brother, who has two kids, one who is autistic, and whose wife has died, is not being given any help in finding a home and has run out of money. I have seen other posts of just people on my twitter, not memes of special cases but just normal people I have added, who are talking of similar cases of discomfort, although that one is admittedly severe!

This is obviously why we have to vote Leave!

I have been thinking about my mothers, and many other peoples, explanation for voting 'in' which is that being left to the Tories without the EU to hold them back would be a worse fate.

I can't even really relate to that, my mind has so many different things it goes off to explain why that is just wrong that I sort of meltdown... For instance... The reason the UN did not continue it's investigation into the crimes of the Ukrainian government is because it was not allowed into the torture chambers! Politics huh?

My explanation of free markets, and how it would be easy to get another job if there was a free market, like it was in the 60's in England, a person could just walk out of a job and get another one the next day! The amount of information I could bring against the argument we will have more freedom outside the EU! With personal power comes rights! Perhaps I have found my next article. It is perhaps a bit late in the day with only 12 days until the vote but nevertheless... Why not!

Some people are simply scared, I talked to a woman who felt the EU was the NWO but still said she was going to vote in because she was afraid the EU would take 'revenge'.

One point, and a VERY important one is this... There was no such fuss over the Scots Indy Ref or the General election... This is because Arron Banks is a bit of a heavy hitter and EU ref is a big deal:

Breitbart: Referendum May Face Legal Challenge Thanks to 'Unconstitutional' Voter Registration

Also, Soros is shorting the market and buying gold... Now I don't know who my readers are but I suspect I do not have to explain the significance of that to anyone!

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