Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Recap: My story.

This has come up recently more than once in conversation. Well, conversation and also synchronistically meeting people that bring out this energy (5th density). This perhaps means that some entity somewhere is trying to bring out this deliberately. To which I have no comment.

So this is my story:

A) I was carrying on my life normally in the service to others path. I was doing music, astrology, dream recall, meditation and had studied the Law of One in depth.
B) I met someone who was also fifth density, was involved with a lot of extra terrestrial entities and basically stated we were soulmates a few times. (To clarify she mentioned soul mates, it took me a while to catch on, she was also reduced to tears over very small incidences of my behaviour, i.e. she had feelings for me, strong ones even before a date)
C) This person aggressively moved against me, and called me a stalker. This was after she had asked me to phone her and no responded, probably because she started with another relationship.
D) The fact that we were both strongly attuned to positive entities became a problem for me. I was strongly bothered by negative entities and was so terrified I had a suicide attempt. I essentially had no recourse here, because the positive behaviour being rejected was to contact her and be in contact with her, but she was blocking
E) The attacks from these negative entities could only be solved very temporarily by phoning her... I.e. 'love' to her, which she took as evidence of stalking.


What I want now is either that she would stop being a bitch and make contact and just be nice BEFORE she has to and has no other choice but to communicate in some fashion (when it no longer means anything).

Or, I want a situation where she is put through a lie detector test of better technological advancement than we have now. Essentially my life has been destroyed by this nasty little creature. I cannot return to anything that might unblock me enough to make me realise that the obvious thing to do is contact her. So no music, no meditation. Dreams are only a little bit looked at. I have to damp myself down otherwise I'll return to the sick feeling of having contacted her and be accused of being a stalker.

I have no recourse under this situation. The power she has over me by knowing we are soulmates and rejecting that information is complete. (She is using positive information i.e. soulmates, rejecting it, thereby making it negative)

I do not know how justice for this situation can happen though. If things worked out then what would happen? Would there be pressure to just get over it on both of us, or would I be allowed some sort of justice.

I felt and I know the behaviour she put me through was incredibly cruel and very deliberate. That is either solved in some way, preferably with her being given well deserved pain for how she has treated me. Or it is not. I try to look into the future all the time and I come up empty with this one!

As I study in this area I do think that the same thing has happened with other people as well. But again I come up empty: Obviously if nothing happens. Her behaviour is not dealt with in any way by anyone, and there is no opportunity for me to seek any sort of legal recourse. I will have to just go out and live in the middle of nowhere and wait to die.

Very often people say to me if I tell them about this that maybe she is suffering in some way (karma etc.), although I don't doubt that other friends involved in the situation will be suffering being off their life path, if the suffering she is undergoing hasn't made her contact me before now, then it is not enough! Karma should change behaviour, that's its function!

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