Sunday, 12 June 2016

My thoughts on Orlando.

The idea I work on is the one put forward by David Wilcock a few posts ago. That it is the banks that are partly funding Da'esh and they are threatening Western society that if it does things unfavourable to them, like arresting them, then terror attacks will happen, the innocent will suffer.

I have shown this previously on this blog for several terrorist attacks being turning points in the market, pulling it up when it looked like it was about to plunge.

This however, is not true at the moment. The market is tumbling. Futures of the FTSE are down -45 and DOW - 55.

The LGBT community have, not exclusively but partially, been associated very much with the liberals. My experience of them and impression of them is that they are largely naive and innocent of a lot of mainstream politics, They are mostly concerned with their own little corner of the world and are very often unable to handle real challenge of this emotional nature (shown perhaps by Owen Jones walking off in a huff on Sky news this evening), because they have hysteria as a percieved positive part of their personality and tend to make big issues of very small things.

To me, they are endemic of a liberal society and are quite 'innocent', not all of them but a lot of them. This makes them a good target for two reasons A) They fit into the liberal media and mainstream narrative for an attack, they are specifically reliant on western values of freedom. B) To those really calling the shots, who like to send distinct messages by these events, they are endemic of the innocent populace that might've been brainwashed into taking a liberal stance.

If we do have an economic crash it will be those asleep, the 'remain' supporters that will suffer... I have to say though that if this is the message, I don't really care. They can't get the libertarians. The gun owning, prepping, physically active, anti emotional blackmailing Social Justice Warrior, strong human beings that are aware of them and are not putting up with their shit. They can to some extent get those who rely on the secret controllers for protection. Who have learned to value the protection of the state like that of a parent.

The game must continue and it is doing so... Will I be OK if it all goes down? I don't know but I will be better than a lot of those that haven't prepped. I would prefer no unpleasant crash but, to use a quote, we cannot vote on the laws of economics.

On top of a general wear and tear of years now of not really being able to relax. (But being able to relax quite a lot and being comfortable physically just not psychologically), I'm also experiencing hayfever at the moment! Lol.

Point is that with what's going on here, on top of whatever banking problems and EU ref concerns, it's all starting to hit the fan... It could all be 'relevant' soon.

Or it may not be who knows?

Good news here though, even though we do not have the methodology or sample size it looks like Brexit is doing quite well!:
Daily Express: End of EU rule FINALLY in sight: Leave camp take 19-POINT lead as Britons flock to Brexit
Humorously as well, David Cameron is being told to take a step back because he is such an aid to the leave campaign, which means Labour is going to take over in the North of England!

I'm sure that will go down well. For both Labour and the North of England!

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