Sunday, 12 June 2016

EU ref -9... NINE DAYS!

NINE DAYS 23 hours and 24 minutes until the EU referendum polls open!!!

NINE DAYS... I cannot say that enough... NINE DAYS!

Woken up with this music in my head this morning:

'Through your fortune and your fame
You had no reason to explain,
Your campaign of torture and death.

The sun is going down I have not heard from you.
You are not my charge to protect.'

The song is not actually about radical Islam but it could be. It is mostly about liberals. I wonder about karma a lot. It is obvious to me how some people will get handled by karma. For instance, some traders expect the government to bail them out. They trade with the government and that's how they make money... One day this will not happen.

I do wonder about the whole liberal/ feminist angle and karma for women behaving in the way they thus far have. I have noticed many young men in my personal life having completely withdrawn from women. There is no, absolutely no, mention of them... They simply do not mention attractive young women as though they do not exist.

But the issue goes larger than this. I have kept looking for this karma in the potential future, where it may turn up, but also, any karma may already been apparent, part of our society for as long as feminism.

I do think in this though that women, being more emotionally inclined, will still kind of revolve around men. Possibly the men who are nicer will have withdrawn and they will get into worse problems than they otherwise would.

I was watching earlier today David Starkey take on Laurie Pennie and there is a good feeling you get when a man is eloquently explaining something. Even though women, the media and the government can say things you just don't feel as good as if a man from the community, that you respect, says something confident and positive that you feel connected to that person by. The strong male (libertarian, and some female in this category) commentators at the moment in the current crisis are not in line with liberals or society. They are basically pushing a call to 'arms' (if not physical) and dissatisfaction with the establishment.

The media has not been uniformly liberal... Times are changing... And that can only be good!

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