Sunday, 26 June 2016

Brexit vote, the aftermath.

So, it all seems to be kicking off.

8 shadow ministers have been fired or have resigned from Jeremy Corbyns cabinet:

From the Telegraph:

(About ten minutes after this was published Vernon Coaker resigned! A bit later another goes. No more updates on that. It will settle later.)

This is because of the coming Chilcott enquiry. The establishment is in trouble because, if left unchecked, the Chilcott enquiry may clean out the 'Blairites' from the system and leave an actually effective democratic fighting force!:

While this guy might be in the know, it seems unlikely to me... It is also clear that Jeremy Corbyn lied about being pro EU to not give the 'Blairites' a reason to attack him. 

What will the Chilcott enquiry hold? Bin Laden's sister was, after all, killed over this!

But they are desperate, any challenge to the leadership seems unlikely with Len McClusky clearly backing up Corbyn and a popular mandate that has not changed. It seems like the same story again... The elites getting angry and uncomfortable with 'democracy'.

Here is the list of potential leaders for the Conservative party... Now I don't know how their leadership elections work, but what is exciting is if Davis was in there. If he was PM it would be complete disclosure, not partial in my estimation...

Of course, in this list it makes no sense for remain candidates to run... But... Oh well. I suspect the Conservatives don't allow their members to vote.

Nigel Farage is doing some clear strategising here. Nicola Sturgeon is trying to find a way to veto the EU referendum, because presumably Scotland wants to stay in the EU and be independent from the UK... This is strange because the EU has stated it will not accept Scotland and furthermore that Belgium and Spain will veto their applications... But the elites don't make sensible choices.

...I'm wondering how she feels about her potential chances in any coming General election. Which is being talked about but no detail as of yet... If so it is likely UKIP will soar in Scotland. In any General election after the expenses fraud and talk of postal voting. It likely wouldn't be rigged and would yield very different results!

This amount of detail is BEFORE you even get to discussion on the referendum. it is also before you get to finance. Spanish election is today!

Several countries state they want us to get on with that and so apparently do the EU? I don't know why this is but perhaps it's just organic.

The BBC is pushing the narrative of a second referendum soon and their are protests against Brexit. The petition to have a second referendum, that I think had 365k English signatures of 2.3m. That petition is now at 3.1m and the establishment has addressed that fraud by saying... We have got rid of 77k Signatures! So, they are clearly pushing that petition, that is their thing, their next plan. (Later edit, the petition was a fraud: Heatstreet: EXCLUSIVE: Brexit ‘2nd Referendum Petition’ A 4 Chan Prank: BBC Report It As Real, BBC still not reporting despite boasting from hackers.)

I have not even had chance to LOOK at the financial area despite Mondays open possibly being armageddon. Nigel Farage has been in the Daily Mail saying there will be a recession soon.

Interesting, yes! This is what we wanted change. The change is only theoretical at the moment. It happens outside real lives. But it is coming.

It's fucking coming!

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