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EU ref -1 days seven hours.... Will it be rigged!

One day and seven hours as I sit here and write this:

Basic rigging:

This is where we should really start:

Breitbart: Referendum May Face Legal Challenge Thanks to ‘Unconstitutional’ Voter Registration Extension
Britons had originally been given until midnight Tuesday to register to vote in the historic referendum, which takes place in two weeks’ time. But as the deadline loomed on Tuesday night the government’s online registration system crashed, leaving thousands unsure as to whether they were registered or not. 
In response the government yesterday legislated to extend the deadline until midnight tonight. 
According to Leave.eu co-chairman Arron Banks, that extension may leave the results of the referendum open to legal challenge. “For the Government to alter election law during an election period is absolutely unprecedented and unconstitutional,” Mr Banks said in a statement.

He cited numerous concerns including the issuing of polling cards to more than 3,000 EU citizens who have no right to vote in the referendum; Bristol City Council issuing advice on voting which depicted a pen hovering over the remain box; and the government’s infamous £9 million propaganda leaflet, among other incidents. 
“Taken together, we believe that the above constitutes a clear attempt to rig the referendum or, at a bare minimum, to load the dice, Mr Banks said. “We believe It is unconstitutional at best and have been advised that with legitimate cause we could challenge this extension. We are therefore considering all available legal options with our legal team, with a view to potentially launching a judicial review now and after the outcome of the referendum on 23rd June.”
(There is a lot more evidence now for court in the breaking of Purdah rules!)

This rigging is still apparently going on:

Real rigging:

BUT, the gold standard of rigging information is the video I talked about here:

33Phoenix: DSF report on vote rigging.

To summarise, (and I know this is a bit of a leap for some people), Andy Anderson was an electoral counting officer and he came to the conclusion, and has a lot of evidence backing this up, that MI5 were simply looking at people who would not likely vote, registering them and sending off their votes.

He also summarised how certain people announced the results beforehand and seemed to know what the vote was beforehand.

There has been none of the second one this time. Aside from perhaps the betting statistics, no one has stated for sure, that the establishment remain side is going to win.

To Andy, the measures like those to do with giving polling cards to EU migrants, and other things he summarised like stealing ballot papers, were basically distractions so people got irritated with the false trails and gave up!

However, importantly. Through Corbyns influence in the remain campaign and the campaigns determinedness to register young voters it is highly likely that MI5 could not use the same tactics. So this is a huge plus.

Additionally many disgruntled older voters will be registered as well, since they were there for 1975.

It is quite likely to me that he knows that, quite the strategist Corbyn and someone history will no doubt judge very positively (no I'm not projecting onto him, politician for decades, saw how he maneuvered out McFadden without leaving himself open to convincing attack!):

So, that's one side of it, maybe and maybe not, there are two more things I will mention. First is that in the upper reaches of society, or in both the upper levels of power and a kind of underground military strategist sense, people who know the game are working on behalf of people... I.e. there are people behind the scenes in our favour, although this is not specific to Britain it is still relevant:

Kauilipele: FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-28-16… “20160328 Khazarian Satan worshippers now exposed for all to see”
In a related move, the FBI was forced to back off its attempt to gain a back door into i-phones “due to massive opposition against invasion of privacy via phone backdoors,” Pentagon sources say. 
Pentagon control of Silicon Valley should also make it much harder to electronically rig the US presidential election. A recent string of losses by Hillary Clinton may be evidence the vote rigging is being stopped.
... and also, perhaps related to that or perhaps not... People on the ground here are very much on our side (the substance of this article is different from the title. Express like to clickbait a bit):

Daily Express: Fury as police force insists stopping EU referendum vote-rigging 'not our responsibility'
Other police forces contacted by Express.co.uk told us they were assigning extra officers to cover polling stations and had set up dedicated anti-fraud teams to monitor this summer’s election period.

Most said officers held regular meetings with community leaders and had established outreach teams to alert people to their rights and urge them to report any suspicions of electoral fraud.
This kind of passion on the ground, like I guarantee is not there at the same intensity for General Elections, is the thing that the establishment cannot stop... People actually doing their jobs. Working overtime to make sure it is a fair vote:

I meet a lot of interesting people on twitter. It's not the only person who is involved with electoral proceedings!

So what he was referring to there was the electoral register used to have a lot of people on it that weren't really there. David Cameron just after the last election cleaned up this register (I was unregistered briefly because of this)... The left thought this was obviously some evil conspiracy but I don't. This government, in the last Queens speech, put forward the Minsk accords which are in my view a positive part of Russia's agenda, at this moment there are quite definitely shades of grey in the government.

So that is another way in which the government cannot rig this referendum like General Election 2015 was rigged.

No wonder the establishment is getting scared!

Finally, this is what Benjamin Fulford has to say on this:
In any case, the WDS will only respect action, not promises, by the “R&R,” and their black nobility bosses. If they steal or try to steal the British referendum, there will be consequences.
When Benjamin Fulford says 'consequences' he does not joke around. Despite being a bit of a crackpot in the past the things he talks about now are a bit more ruthless. David Wilcock and my general reading in this area puts forward a view of each of these people only being a part of the plan, and no one having the whole key. So what I am saying is someone could have already prevented election rigging on the quiet and Benjamin Fulford may just not be in touch with the specific individual who knows about that, or it may not have come up in discussion with all the other things he no doubt does in his time.

So that's it, that's what I have to say... The usual tactics cannot work for all sorts of reasons and even the establishment and the remain campaign may be happy with their tactics, the Spanish migrants will not necessarily play ball. Their country has been destroyed by the EU. The young will not necessarily either, I was on a younguns twitter the other day whom tweeted a pro EU statement and the comments were a lot of Eurosceptic younguns. (Twitter is great!)

In the General Election 2015 I was very involved, then when the vote was obviously rigged in front of my eyes I awoke from this kind of hypnosis and realised how UKIP seemed to have hinted at many of the vote rigging procedures and how in my mind, they had been basically saying it out loud. The ridiculous rigging clues are not there for this referendum though.

So I have talked about how many normal rigging mechanisms, grassroots awareness and international politics considerations may make this a reasonably fair vote...

For that reason... I can't wait!

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