Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Will get well soon.

I missed a blog yesterday, must be the first on in 'forever'.

I am feeling a little off today and even though ideas have gone through my head about what to write, they are mostly gone... Except a few things that have just come back to me:

A) I need to disclose this because I believe in staying true to spiritual teachings, if I did not say this the spiritual teaching I had already said would be delegitimised. I failed today in my spiritual practice of not masturbating. Because I was basically unwell and spent too much time in bed with my mind wandering. I am returning to the practice now of keeping those energies to myself.

B) Today, I found when lazily 'surfing the web' (I was "surfing the web"), that near death experiences are very rare for Muslims and that those that they do have are not Muhammed patting them on the back telling them all is well but generally hellfire and torment following an immediate conversion to Christianity when they return to the mortal realm.

I do not believe either visions of heaven or hell are legitimate but I do believe they have relevance and are created, in general, by benevolent, guiding spirits. Or put more simply, the persons higher self.

One particularly disturbing one was Jesus showing a woman that Allah was the devil and it was the thing she had been worshipping.

I find myself head foggy at the moment and not really able to address this but I will separate this into a few simple points

  • I have previously recorded my personal discomfort and suspicious things about Islam, one thing that springs to mind when I glance over that was how Muslims were angry about Fireman Sam stepping on a supposed page of their sacred text but none of them seemed particularly bothered about the Nice attack.
  • This is a very small case study. Many subjects I seem to be able to quickly find the people who have researched these areas in depth and I get a good understanding... This seems less so with parts of Islam to do with Near Death Experiences that Muslims have had.
  • If I were to imagine a more negatively orientated individual some of what I have read does fit this idea. (I also talk about Islam in this excerpt: The New World Rundown of Hidden Global Events)
As I have mentioned the Law Of One did not mention Islam or Muhammed in the negative but also, was very clear to not judge about ideas closely connected with free will... 'For us to speak on this would be to seem to judge'.

It does not look good.

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