Friday, 5 August 2016

Nearly moved blog... Rise of libertarianism?

I nearly changed my blog, internet, email and search engine because of this:

The Caption says something like... Whatever your sport stand #withrefugees and #withrefugees is a group of "refugees" taking part in the Olympics.

But really, that isn't the end of the world to me and it does mean they are integrating in some way... I would prefer that to blanket refugees welcome and other Marxist tripe... There is nothing wrong with having them in the Olympics... It gives them something to do (that fits in with their abilities) rather than go and cause trouble.

As I also think positively of this, since Iran I believe we owe respect to the country for their tackling of Da'esh:

Zerohedge: Iran's Ayatollah: "The US Created ISIS"
He alleged that the US aim of making and backing ISIS is to sow discord in Islamic Ummah, defame true Islam & promote Wahabbi Islam which is far from true Islam, in fact it is the religion of Saudi Arabia, some of the most ardent supporters of the Clintons. The claim is not the first time Khamenei has accused the U.S. and the West of creating the current conflict in Syria and Iraq
Now there are some things this does not change... The direct works out of the Qu'ran and theological arguments put forward by its critics, the rape gangs in England and the fact the West is a different culture to Islam and does not want to be taken over.

But if it were possible for us to give legitimacy to a version of Islam that could have some control over its followers and de legitimise extremism, honour killings, taking sex slaves and other problem behaviours to some extent (I have previously covered the Shi- ite Muslim Gandhi type figure that was executed by Saudi Arabia) Then that would be a good thing.

Also, political intrigue. UKIP is very serious about it's internal politicking... there will possibly be a new party or the end of the National Executive Committee. There will likely be an Emergency General Meeting to push for a solution to the current crisis.

This is one of the twitter conversations I observed... It is not the only one of such seriousness including MEP's to happen. I do not take the perspective of the person making the accusations here I'm merely attempting to show how serious the argument is:

This could bring up a fairly anti Muslim candidate... It could cause a split in the party... Well, whatever really:

Just one other point... With UKIP moving forward and becoming stronger. Potentially through a system of voter participation on more decisions... And a new social media platform in which information can be shared on social media and there is less time spent giving any attention to time wasting liberals... There could be a movement forward where the libertarian community can become more active and force change in the real world a little more!

One can dream!

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