Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Astrology follow up...

So here I made some astrological predictions and we are now at the point of the Sun- Uranus trine.

Also, as was deleted on the original form I posted it on, but was reproduced in this one line on this blog;
But it's a distinct possibility all the same. Saturns effects on markets should be interesting. I suspect more volatility when Saturn goes direct. The rebellion against Saturn (karma/ free market) causing this.
My original post was as follows: That when Saturn entered the picture it would have a pushing down effect on the market that it would then rebel against, creating increased volatility as the market rebels against that. then on the run down of this new moon cycle (so perhaps in the last week around the 25th?) We would see the effect of whatever happened in the new moon first half cycle and could see a strong move. (Either way).

This, like all my astrological stuff, is a bit vague... What is true however, is that the prediction I made that something 'revolutionary' could happen around today has been satisfied in my view:
But there will be a knowledge of the efficiency of a kind of revolutionary feeling (all these strange things that keep happening, Wikileaks, Russia - Syria, Trump, Brexit etc.) This is around August 16th (C)
Zerohedge: Mysterious Group Hacks The NSA

So, they have some connection to the STUXNET virus,
The Equation Group, according to Kaspersky Lab, targeted the same victims as the group behind Stuxnet, which is widely believed to have been a joint US-Israeli operation targeting Iran’s nuclear program, and also used two of the same zero-day exploits.
although US propaganda said this was a joint operation between Israel and the US, was actually an extra terrestrial operation, and the STUXNET anagram is US NEXT with an Extra T. As talked about by David Wilcock, the US was next.

Edward Snowden put together an interesting few points on his twitter. That the data would include fingerprints of what the NSA had been up to hacking wise and if it could be proven the US was into rigging other nations elections for instance this could be very embarrasing.

Snowdens view was that it was a message to not keep blaming Russia because the hackers can now beat America at the 'attribution game'.

The other point here is that the hackers are putting the information on auction in exchange for a million bitcoins... If Snowdens view was correct then it would be unlikely these hackers would let it out of their control (unless they knew the US would buy it back). What the aim of this seems to be in my view is an extension of Benjamin Fulfords statements that Bitcoin could be used as a global currency in this new world we are heading into.

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 8-9-16… “Khazarian mafia offer ASEAN, Japan and Korea to China”
The WDS and the Chinese also discussed the future of the US dollar and the global financial system. The Chinese delegate said China’s plan was to replace the US dollar with bitcoin. He said the recent hacking of bitcoin was a setback to this plan but that a new generation Chinese supercomputers would be powerful enough to keep bitcoin secure.
(Slightly edited for grammar by me).

For two reasons: To give bitcoin credibility again after the hack; and, probably far less important but potentially relevant... To have some relevant currency to use in affairs when dealing with our civilisation

The other hack of course was this George Soros one released by the Daily Beast, which was just before pegged as an establishment Clinton satellite by people like Paul Joseph Watson. The thing is with this hack is that I personally looked at the documents and the only one I read was one that said that 80% of the "refugees" were women and children... perhaps I got the wrong end of the stick but this does not seem accurate to me.

Regardless, wherever this source is from, it seems to have been picked up as relevant today and I've seen it in a few headlines.

Conclusion and a note on markets:

We will have two more exciting days (until the new moon) and then I expect things will slump a bit, Although, I do expect the markets will grow continually disturbed as the month continues.

The market today release 'good' inflation data and so it fell for the first time in almost two weeks. Gregory Mannarino seems to be correct, good data and the market falls, bad data and it rises.

I almost forgot... I have been saying that volatility could increase under this Saturn transit... I saw this today (VIX is the volatility index):

Zerohedge: Something's Brewing In VIX

Also, this, which I'm personally very happy about... Or perhaps I am not, I don't know, and I feel some sadness my 'brothers' will be hurt however stupid they are:

Zerohedge: Shorts Throw In The Towel: S&P Short Interest Tumbles To Three Year Lows

The market is probably going to fall soon as I've outlined and these people will go into major panic mode and experience incredible, possibly suicidal anxiety about something that is not going to matter in a few years.

Here's another:

Zerohedge: An Unexpected "Biggest Tail Risk" Emerges Within The Investing Community

Wow, EU disintegration huh? It seems these investors are paying more attention than a lot of the average people here.

This from the article as well, emphasis is unintentionally removed:
In a final "risk"related question aimed at hedge funds, namely "what is your net exposure to the equity markets", the answer was "the highest since Aug’15." As a reminder, August 2015 is when the market peaked last year and after China's devaluation, proceeded to literally break on the 24th of the month after the infamous ETFlash crash, sending the VIX soaring.
So here we are then... Waiting for our next thing!

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